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New Jersey Misunderstander of Islam arrested in Yemen after trying to shoot his way out of the hospital

Yet another U.S.-born Muslim in Yemen fighting against his native country. Why is it that all those moderate and peaceful American mosques are doing such a miserable job teaching Islam to Muslim converts? “FBI Probes N.J. Man Linked to Al Qaeda, Hospital Attack in Yemen,” from FoxNews, March 11:

A suspected Al Qaeda militant who was known as a “sweetheart” by classmates at his New Jersey high school is being investigated by the FBI after his arrest in the Middle East for allegedly trying to shoot his way out of a hospital in Yemen.Federal sources confirmed that 26-year-old Sharif Mobley, of Buena, N.J., is in custody after a shooting rampage in a Yemeni hospital that killed one guard and injured another.

FBI spokesman Rich Wolf in Baltimore said the agency is looking into the case. Mobley was reportedly being held prisoner in the hospital and was caught after a chase following the shooting….