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Stop the Islamisation of Europe now a political party

The free people of Europe begin to strike back against their corrupt, compromised governing elites. An excerpt from the SIOE statement:

Denmark is at war. The government tells us that we are in war against terror which actually is only a tactic. We cannot be in war against an tactic, we have to be in war against those who use the tactic. That is what SIOE intends to do.Quote: Lieutenant Colonel Allen West:-

“Winston Churchill did not lead a war against blitzkrieg, he led a war against the Nazis.”

SIOE recognises that islam has declared war on the West and therefore we take the necessary precautions to protect our own population. No other Danish politicians have done that previously. Therefore, SIOE will respond to the declaration of war onthe West. Every time islam is discussed, all parties in the Danish parliament pull the wool over the eyes of the voters. If we really are in war with islam why do we make all these special arrangements for islam?

We have had civil war-like situations both in Copenhagen and in the biggest towns in Denmark and no politicians have dared to act upon it. SIOE has the answer: Every immigrant who has committed any kind of criminality is to be sent home.

Denmark is in a financial crisis and we have to take care of our own citizens first of all. Therefore all immigrants who are not self-supporting will be sent home.

All government subsidised integration initiatives must be stopped and sensible economic policies must be carried out.

Bureaucracy must be cut to a minimum and free initiative must be encouraged instead of being stopped.

The business and manufacturing sectors in Denmark must have far better conditions. We cannot live just by serving one another.

We would never have been caught in this present unhappy situation if the population had been asked whether or not Denmark should be an immigrant country where islam demands special treatment from its host, the Danish population. Therefore SIOE’s wish is to implement more democracy. There shall be referendums held about many more things concerning the population.

Many more of those in authority should be elected, not just politicians, as they are in America.

In brief, SIOE is a party where the population is of greater concern than the people from outside.

There is much more. Read it all.