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If the US is to win the battle against Islamic terrorism we must start profiling. The fact is that 100 percent of all terrorist attacks against the United States in 2009 whether from external or internal sources was committed by a member of the peaceful religion of Islam. Is there a pattern? Yet, Muslims are again crying persecution.


Arab and Muslim groups protesting the profiling that is not taking place.

There is no profiling. The 2003 guidelines don’t establish anything close to actual profiling of Arabs or Muslims. Eighty-year-old grandmothers from Iowa get as much scrutiny in airports as young Muslim Arab males. But the AAI, the ADC and MPAC, true to their constant practice of attempt to impede every effective anti-terror measure, are trying to make sure that remains the case. “Arab-American, Muslim groups meet with U.S. attorney general,” from KUNA, January 26 (thanks to all who sent this in):

WASHINGTON, Jan. 26 (KUNA) — Executives of the Arab American Institute (AAI), American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) met with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday to discuss issues of concern to the Arab American and Muslim communities, the AAI announced on Tuesday.The officials spoke with Holder about several controversial policies developed under the 2003 Department of Justice Guidance on Profiling, which include several loopholes allowing for widespread profiling based on race, ethnicity, religion and national origin, the AAI said.

Among the topics discussed were the 2008 Investigative Operational Guidelines, disclosures in the 2010 Inspector General Report on Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) data collection of identified “communities of interest, ” the use of informants in terrorism cases, and the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, and PATRIOT Act reauthorization.

The officials stressed the importance of continued dialogue and additional efforts to promote partnerships between local communities and law enforcement, according to the AAI. “It is the national security loophole in the 2003 Attorney General guidelines on profiling that has provided the legal cover for many of the policies put in place during the previous administration, including the round-ups of thousands of Arab and Muslim immigrants targeted for ‘special registration’ and the 2008 Mukasey guidelines for the FBI,” said AAI President James Zogby, referring to former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey, who served during the final years of the George W. Bush administration. “As has been repeatedly demonstrated, profiling is ineffective, wastes precious law enforcement resources and alienates American communities eager to assist in keeping our country safe and secure.”

Zogby is inverting reality. It is a waste of law enforcement resources to concentrate just as much on communities from which no threat is coming as on communities from which a very real threat is coming. That is just simple common sense, but he apparently doesn’t want you to notice that.