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Posted: November 2, 2010 in 2003, Patterns of Global Terror, Terrorism 101

NOTE: Corrected Year in Review, Appendix A, and Appendix G were posted on June 22, 2004. Numbers in the text, specifically numbers of killed and wounded, will be revised to reflect the corrected Appendices.

Table of Contents
The Year in Review (Revised 6/22/04)
Africa Overview
South Asia Overview
East Asia Overview
Eurasia Overview
Europe Overview
Middle East Overview
Western Hemisphere Overview
Overview of State-Sponsored Terrorism
Appendix A — Chronology of Significant International Terrorist Incidents, 2003 (Revised 6/22/04)
Appendix B — Background Information on Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations
Appendix C — Background Information on Other Terrorist Groups
Appendix D — U.S. Programs and Policy
Appendix E — Summary of the U.S. Military Counterterrorism Campaign in 2003
Appendix F — Countering Terrorism on the Economic Front
Appendix G — Statistical Review (Revised 6/22/04)