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How Safe Are Nuclear Facilities to an Aircraft Attack?

September 11, 2001 shows how devastating an attack can be had by using aircraft as the primary tool of destruction. Because of 9-11 questions have been raised as to the vulnerability of nuclear facilities to a similar terror attack in which a plane is the primary weapon of choice.

The “Aircraft Crash Impact Analyses Demonstrates Nuclear Power Plant’s Structural Strength.” is a ten-page non-classified report by ANATECH in San Diego CA which discusses the vulnerability of America’s nuclear plants to an aircraft strike. This highly sophisticated computer modeling used the Boeing 767-400 as the weapon of choice. The model ran a series of computerized models where the Boeing strikes the Containment building, fuel pool wall, dry fuel container and the fuel transport container. Yet, despite all attempts the Boeing was unable to cause a radiological leak!

The conclusion of this report is “The study determined that the structures that house reactor fuel are robust and protect the fuel from impacts of large commercial aircraft.” In other words, our nuclear facilities are not as vulnerable to an terrorist-attack by aircraft as we might have been lead to believe by the media.

PDF: EPRI Nuclear Plant Structural Study 2002-1