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Mbarek Lafrem Beats NYC woman in Midtown Pub to Brink of Death

I am sure she besmirched his “honor” when she turned down his demand for a dance. So he  followed her into a bathroom stall, kicked open the door and began beating her.

The young nurse was sexually assaulted and beaten almost to death, fracturing her skull, her eye socket ….. she is undergoing reconstructive surgery.

Mbarek blamed the victim of course.

The woman’s friend later found her unconscious in the stall; the victim needed 50 stitches for a laceration and also suffered a fractured skull, a broken nose and a broken eye socket. The Post reports she was also found with “one pant leg completely off and the other around her ankle, the court papers said.” Lafrem was charged with attempted murder, assault and attempted rape. He’s also being held without bail

Mbarek  Lafrem was arrested Friday night for the brutal beating of a  29-year-old nurse after she refused to dance with him at Midtown pub  Social.

Taggart for News: Mbarek Lafrem was arrested Friday night for the brutal beating of a 29-year-old :nurse after she refused to dance with im at Midtown pub Social.

The savage beating allegedly took place in a bathroom at Social, a bar in Midtown.

Mbarek Lafrem arrested for brutally beating a nurse in bathroom at Midtown bar NY Daily News hat tip brad

A Pennsylvania man was arrested Friday night for savagely beating a young nurse inside a midtown pub because she wouldn’t dance with him.

Two hardhats alerted cops to Mbarek Lafrem, who had been staying at a W. 48th St. economy motel while working at a construction job in Manhattan, sources said.

The 30-year-old, of Norwood, Pa., was caught on camera grabbing a beer at a nearby bodega shortly after brutally beating the woman inside a ladies’ bathroom at an Eighth Ave. spot, Social, early Thursday, police said.

Lafrem was charged with assault and attempted rape after NYPD chief spokesman Paul Browne said he “made statements implicating himself” during questioning by detectives with the Special Victims Squad in East Harlem.

As cops tucked him into a squad car Friday night, Lafrem grinned at reporters outside the precinct stationhouse. He didn’t make any comments.

Later, cops searched Lafrem’s eighth-floor room at the Best Western, where hotel workers said he had stayed off and on for at least five months.Muslim honor beating

Lafrem does not have a prior arrest record in the city – though it was unclear if he had a record elsewhere.

The 29-year-old victim is recovering at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell, where doctors Thursday performed reconstructive surgery.

The woman, who lives near the hospital, suffered a fractured skull, a broken eye socket and a shattered nose in the vicious attack, police sources said.Police said a drunken Lafrem became enraged after she rebuffed his attempt to dance with her.

He followed her into a bathroom stall, kicked open the door and began beating her, sources said.

A worried friend found the semiconscious woman sprawled on the bathroom floor and called 911 around 2:15 a.m., reporting the nurse had fallen.

Her pants were unbuttoned, and investigators believe Lafrem attempted to sexually assault her.

Her family and friends declined to talk with reporters. But in a statement released by the hospital, her relatives expressed “their sincere gratitude for the outpouring of support they have received.”

Lafrem, meanwhile, was seen on an NYPD video as he left the bar, shaking his hand as if in pain. He was later caught on another camera, walking into a bodega, where he grabbed a beer without paying.

A former neighbor of Lafrem’s in suburban Philadelphia said he was shocked to hear of the arrest.

Photo right: Lafrem grins at reporters outside the precinct stationhouse.

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