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Nidal Malik Hasan offered a course in Islam here, but his real course in Islam came later, at Fort Hood.

KILLEEN, Texas – Leaders of the vibrant Muslim community here expressed outrage on Friday at the shooting rampage being laid to one of their members, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who had become a regular attendee of prayers at the local mosque. But some of the men who had befriended Major Hasan at the mosque said the military should examine the policies that might have caused him to snap. “When a white guy shoots up a post office, they call that going postal,” said Victor Benjamin II, 30, a former member of the Army. “But when a Muslim does it, they call it jihad.

“Ultimately it was Brother Nidal’s doing, but the command should be held accountable,” Mr. Benjamin said. “G.I.’s are like any equipment in the Army. When it breaks, those who were in charge of keeping it fit should be held responsible for it.”… — from MSNBC NEWS

Why has this word “vibrant” appeared not only in this, but in many other stories? Why has this become the epithet of choice for the “Muslim community”?

And now we see that, as after 9/11, just as soon as Muslims realize that the non-Muslims among whom they have come to live will not act as they feared — not act as they know that Muslims would act, if a non-Muslim had murdered Muslims in a similar fashion, in a country where Muslims dominated — they do not merely breath a sigh of relief, but immediately go on the offensive. They immediately start daring to blame others, even in a case as black-and-white as this one, where the murderer in question, Nidal Malik Hasan, was a devout Muslim. He had never hidden his views. He could not possibly have “suffered from PTSD,” as some ludicrously claim, because he had never been to Iraq or Afghanistan. He had never endured battle, and far from being upset by the condition of the returning soldiers he saw at Walter Reed, he was probably delighted at their suffering, for they were Infidels, and deserved it.

He did what he did as a Muslim following the texts of Islam. Many Muslims all over the Western world support the goals of Jihad; that is, the “struggle” to remove all obstacles to the spread, and then the dominance, of Islam. They do not wish — how can they, given what Islam inculcates? — Infidels well, nor our legal and political institutions. A few, perhaps with secret reservations about Islam, would not wish to undo the legal and political institutions of the societies of those who have so naively and generously allowed them to settle deep within. But a great many are perfectly willing to engage in deception for as long as they can about the doctrine and practice of Islam. They are prepared to attempt, however absurdly, to continue to explain away the behavior of Muslims.

And to many the undertaking comes naturally (“war is deception”). It requires no great mental or emotional strain to forever be attempting to hide or deny the contents of the texts, to rewrite the history of the world (vide the attempts to claim territories long associated with non-Muslim peoples, to deny the history of those peoples, and to put forth claims for Muslims being present, nunc-pro-tunc backdating: Muslims were with Columbus, Muslims settled in America, or England, in the eighth, or was it the ninth, centuries — and so on). No Pakistani will tell you about, or express an interest in, the history of pre-Islamic India, or recognize how, in what conditions, his own ancestors were forced to convert to Islam from Hinduism or Buddhism or Jainism. No “Palestinian” Arab will recognize the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel. An entire false history has been created not only denying that Jewish presence and the significance of what was created in Judea, but replacing the Jews with the “Palestinians” — themselves a recent fiction created out of the local Arabs in order to re-package the Jihad against Israel, which is never-ending, with a “legitimate rights of the Palestinian people” business that, in the treacliness of its re-telling in the West, becomes “two tiny peoples, each struggling for its homeland.” (And please don’t look too closely at the twenty-two Arab states, or at the real history, demographic and cadastral, of Mandatory Palestine or of the area in the 19th century.)

If the Muslims in Western Europe grow in numbers, they will continue inexorably to make the historic heart of the West more unpleasant, more expensive, and more physically dangerous for the native non-Muslims — and also for the non-Muslim immigrants who, unlike the Muslims, are not prevented from integrating or fitting in, because they are not adherents of an ideology that separates all of humanity between the Muslims and the non-Muslims, the Believers and the Infidels.

“War is deception,” and of course Muslims living in this country do not wish, and work furiously to prevent, the real apprehension of the texts, the tenets the attitudes, the atmospherics of Islam. A few hold out the hope of “reform” of Islam. And quite a few Bright Young Muslim Reformers have made out like gangbusters. They have received grants from Carnegie and other foundations, or positions and promotions, and tenure in universities, where the fix is in to “hire a Muslim” — or where previously-hired Muslims push and push, so that now MESA, the Middle East Studies Association, which in 1970 was 7% Muslim, is now 70% Muslim. And the non-Muslims who are members are either eager sympathizers and collaborators with the Muslim worldview, or are very very quiet. But these reform efforts impress people who think that they are plausible efforts. They do not know why the Muslims should not be able to have their “reformation” (not knowing that they had a “reformation” of sorts, under Al-Wahhab, in 18th-century Arabia) as took place in Christianity, or why the effort to convince many Muslims to change their view, to not only jettison the Hadith and Sira (that “sola scriptura” Edip Yuksel and Mustafa Akyol keep talking blandly about), but also somehow to magically cease to regard the Qur’an as the immutable uncreated Word of God, is foredoomed.

Magdi Allam, the brilliant apostate who live and works and, thank god, influences so many in Italy, started his path by trying to see, he tells us, if Islam could be reformed. The memories of his pious and humble parents kept him eager to keep finding a way to defend Islam, to retain Islam. But he just couldn’t do it. He finally came to understand that Islam could not be reformed, and that his love for his parents was merely confusing. For his parents, he realized, had been largely easygoing, unobservant in many ways, and certainly not people who took the texts of Islam to heart — dangerously to heart. The less truly Muslim a Muslim was, he realized, the better. We see a tacit recognition of that in the use of the word “moderate” to modify “Muslim.” If what we seek are “moderate Muslims,” then we unwittingly recognize that the full-fledged non-moderate Muslim is a danger. Yet we continue to hear people who use the phrase “moderate Muslim” but would be afraid to openly recognize the meaning of what they are saying.

There are real problems, that are unavoidable, and that are not susceptible of “solution” but, if measures are taken in time, can be prevented from becoming far far worse, perhaps fatal. Many in the Western world recognize that global warming is such a problem, and they recognize that there is no “solution” but there are ways to ameliorate things, if action is taken swiftly. The same applies to Islam and its adherents. We must proceed, calmly, to investigate, in large numbers, the doctrine of Islam, the effect of Islam, the different ways in which Jihad can be promoted that may not be recognized as such. We must understand the constant attempts to deflect attention, to confuse us, to pretend that the Qur’an and Hadith and Sira do not say what they clearly do say. How many times have we heard some Muslim cleric, in the West, deny that something is in the Qur’an is clearly there, or deny that Aisha was six years old when Muhammad was “betrothed” to her, and nine when he consummated his “marriage” to her, or deny or pretend not to know about Asma bint Marwan, or to rewrite the facts of the Khaybar Oasis attack, or of the mass killing of the prisoners of the Banu Qurayza? And how often do we find that in Muslim countries, there is no inhibition about recognizing, forthrightly, what the Qur’an, Hadith,and Sira say, by the so-called “extremist” clerics who, let it be said a thousand times, have the texts on their side?

We are now going through the latest edition of the comedy. The nest of ninnies in the press, on the radio, and on television, who have done their level best to prate about the “stress of war.” The “stress of war” was felt by the returning wounded Nidal Malik Hasan treated, and so badly, at Walter Reed, not by Nidal Malik Hasan. The only “stress of war” that Nidal Malik Hasan felt was that of the 78 military campaigns, 77 of them offensive, in which Muhammad took place — military campaigns in the Hijaz, in Arabia, nearly 1400 years ago. That was the “stress of war” that he, Nidal Malik Hasan, felt so keenly.

He did what he did because he took Islam seriously. He was unwilling, unlike so many other Muslims, to lie quietly low and to engage in Jihad through other means, while of course quietly cheering on, in the privacy of one’s family, or one’s mosque, the exploits of the “brothers’ who were attacking, at the World Trade Center, or in London or Madrid or Mumbai, or slitting Infidel throats of nuns and monks in Algeria, or Somalia, or killing Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh, or killing Buddhists in southern Thailand, or Christian farmers in the southern Philippines, or black African Christians in the southern Sudan. There have been some 2 million killed there over the past 20 years, with little or no effective response from anyone in the Western world. Now the mass-murdering is beginning again, and is now extended to Muslims in Darfur — but non-Arab black African Muslims and hence are perfectly acceptable targets to the Arabs.

Meanwhile, we are expected to endure, again and again, the same nonsense as before. We are expected to listen politely when the brother of this mass-murderer tells us, with the usual insulting irrelevance, that his brother was “nice” and “quiet” and so on.

And then we are expected to endure this, from someone who converted to Islam — and the converts do not have the excuse that through no fault of their own they were simply born into Islam, and perhaps have had that Islam modified by nuance, by time, by a studied unobservance that limits the Islam to the mere rituals, the Five Pillars, and nothing more. That convert, one Victor Benjamin who converted in Iraq, after he saw the economic backwardness, the corruption and despotism, the violence and aggression, of Muslim societies up close, and still converted to Islam, says this:

“When a white guy shoots up a post office, they call that going postal,” said Victor Benjamin II, 30, a former member of the Army. “But when a Muslim does it, they call it jihad.”

Of course this is nonsense. The “white guy” who “shoots up a post office” is doing so because he is prompted by his own wretchedness that has caused him to descend into madness. There are always cases, everywhere, of those who become unhinged for individual reasons. But the man who shoots up the post office — white or black — or for that matter the man who, having lost his job, goes back to kill the boss or co-workers, does not have a coherent, stable ideology to justify what he does, an ideology that is even now being acted on by millions of people all over the world, in similar fashion, and that is supported, in the main, by many hundreds of millions of others.

In fact, if some discharged worker, a Muslim, simply “went postal” — that is, killed people with whom he had worked, and had no signs, so evident in the case of Nidal Malik Hasan, that he was prompted by Islam, did not shout Allahu Akbar, did not have a history of writing to websites declaring his admiration for those who killed Infidels, in short was acting not as a Muslim following what Islam inculcated but, rather, as an individual with an individual grievance, then that would be a very different matter.

Nidal Malik Hasan took his Islam seriously. And while many Muslims do so, in the West most have, for prudential reasons, and especially in this country, muted their Islam. For here the power of the circumambient non-Muslims, and the unwillingness to behave in the fashion of dhimmis, is greater than in the countries of Western Europe. So for prudential reasons, out of obvious calculation, most Muslims do not behave nearly as aggressively as they do in Western Europe, and nothing like how they behave in countries where they dominate, and can treat non-Muslims as they wish. No, here the situation, for now, is different, and we must make sure that the situation forever stays different. It is better that for prudential reasons smiles and wiles and guile are the order of the day, rather than Nidal Malik Hasan’s way — his “madness” consisted only in this: that not only taking Islam seriously, he was prepared to act on it. He was unprepared to hide his views, as other Muslims have.

Now back to that little remark by Victor Benjamin, the convert to Islam who is part of the “vibrant Muslim community” close to Fort Hood, in the grimly-named Killeen, Texas. He wants you to believe that Nidal Malik Hasan is just like “a white guy” who “goes postal.” Now he might have, in other circumstances, been so, if he had not been such an avid reader of the Qur’an, and had he not expressed his complete hatred for the American intervention against what he, Nidal Malik Hasan, regarded as his true and only people, that is, fellow Muslims, in this case the Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was unwilling to see that the Americans were, at enormous expense, actually trying to help establish semi-decent regimes. That effort will fail, because those same Americans do not recognize the effects of Islam, or why it is Islam that explains the unavoidable political, economic, social, intellectual, and moral failures of Muslim societies. Only in a few places — such as Turkey, because of Ataturk’s systematic constraints on Islam, and to a much lesser extent Tunisia, because of the police-state secularism of Ben Ali and before him Bourguiba, and in one or two of the Central Asian stans, especially the great success-story Kazakhstan — has Islam been constrained so that a secular class has thereby allowed been allowed not only to be created but to flourish. In some areas these constraints on Islam have created conditions less retrograde, where some forms of intellectual and economic and political development have been possible.

It is grotesque for Victor Benjamin to pretend that this mass-murder, the murderer suffused with, oozing with, Islam — which Hasan did not hide — is merely akin to someone “going postal.”

Now if Nidal Malik Hasan had never shown much interest in Islam, that would be different. If he had not been clutching his Qur’an figuratively and literally, much of the time, had he been discharged from a job, a job he desperately needed, and then returned to fire on those he had worked with, then, and only then, might Victor Benjamin have a teeny-tiny point. But far from being discharged by the Army, despite his terrible performance at Walter Reed (perhaps he was trying to be fired, trying once the army had paid for all of his medical training to get out of fulfilling his own side of the bargain), he was transferred to Fort Hood, and suffered no loss of rank or money. Nor was he ever shut up — in fact, everyone allowed him to make the most outrageous statements, statements that during World War II would have been forthrightly regarded as treasonous, and he arrested and tried for such treasonous sentiments. What soldier could have, at any army base, started to spout pro-Nazi sentiments, perhaps clutching Mein Kampf, during World War II, and have been kept on, and kept on, and remained immune to prosecution?

It is nonsense, and Victor Benjamin, the man who returned from Iraq a convert to Islam (what mental and emotional disarray, what longing for a Total Regulation of Life, those who succumb to Adult-Onset Islam display) knows this perfectly well. He knows it is nonsense to liken this mass-murder of people completely unknown to the killer to that of a discharged employee trying to get back at his boss and still-employed co-workers. It is much more like the murders carried out by Muslims in London, Madrid, New York, Mumbai, save that Major Nidal Hasan acted alone. (Whether another Muslim visited him the night before, and served as his “spiritual advisor” on this, is another matter). Or like the individual Muslims who have fired on and killed people — the Egyptian at the El Al counter at L.A. airport, the man who fired on a bus full of Yeshiva students in New York, killing one, the Muslims who killed a rabbi in Canada, and so on, probably selecting mainly Jews as targets on the theory that that would be less dangerous in countries still seen as “Christian,” that is, parts of an undifferentiated anachonistic Frangistan, “Lands of the Franks.”

Nidal Malik Hasan was not only not discharged, but was trusted, apparently, by a far-too-trusting, or perhaps better, an army brass far too fearful of appearing not trusting, to do a thing about him. He was scheduled for deployment, like any soldier, to Afghanistan or Iraq. This could not have come as a surprise. Nor was he being asked to serve in a combat unit, where he might have to fire on “fellow Muslims,” his only true brothers. He was asked only to serve as a psychiatrist. Perhaps, indeed, in the army there were fond hopes that as a native speaker of Arabic, and as a Muslim, Nidal Malik Hasan would have special insight, be particularly helpful should the other soldiers need mini-courses in “cultural-awareness” so as better to understand, and better able to be solicitous, of the Muslims and their “sensitivities.”

Oh, the members of the American military got a course in Muslim “sensitivities” from Major Nidal Hasan, all right. He showed them what a Muslim who takes his Islam seriously, and is not willing patiently to practice “war is deception” but wants something a little more direct, thinks of Infidels. No need to be disabused, as so many of our soldiers have been disabused of their hopes and dreams and naive faith in the Muslims of Iraq and Afghanistan — including their supposed comrades-in-arms whom they paid and trained and worked and worked and worked beside, only to see, in the end, how much was wasted, how dangerous and treacherous were even the supposedly most loyal of these Muslim “allies.”

Yes, Major Nidal Malik Hasan offered quite a course the other day, not only to all the non-Muslim members of the American military, but also to all of the civilians who remain unwilling to heed those intent on explaining away what is or by this point should be the obvious. It wasn’t a very long course. It lasted all of four minutes.

But it was most instructive.

Source: Jihad Watch