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History backs what this professor states. The Hindus lost 80 million people to the sweeping hordes of the Islamic supremacist armies.


Babu Suseelan, Hindu leader and human rights activist, is a university professor and psychologist. He is also the Direct of Indian American Intellectuals Forum, New York. He is the author of several published articles on jihadi terrorism and cognitive psychology. He has been an invited speaker at both national and international conferences on jihadi terrorism.

Babu Suseelan will be speaking at the protest against the 911 mega mosque.



It has been revealed that now Muslims in the U.S have planned to construct two Mosques for the area around GROUND ZERO. There were only 10 Mosques in New York City in 1970. There were over 100 in 2001, including 17 in Manhattan. There is no reason to allow construction of a 15-story Mosque at Ground Zero.

Muslims paid $4.85 million in cash for the property. Islamic leaders have not explained to the public where the cash came from. It is reported that the funding came from Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Iran, the leading promoters of Islam jihad around the world. Muslims plan to inaugurate the Mosque on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Those officials who have approved construction of the 15-story Mosque at Ground Zero are not in touch with Islamic reality, and are afraid of jihadi terrorists. Out of fear, they made an irrational decision. Citizens should not now sit on the sidelines. They should confront decision makers who make policy decisions that have disastrous consequences. To do that, citizens must learn the past history of Islam and, Muslims’ present terrorist activities, and clear away their false assumptions on Islam. Citizens must make informed choices and ask questions to the political leaders.


There are some Americans who are really ignorant on Islam. People who deliberately do not want to know about Islam become desensitized to jihadi terrorism. Their insensitivity reveals their confusion. The Islamic pathology involved in the destruction of the World Trade Center and the murder of 3000 people needs further exploration in order to show the root cause of Jihadi terrorism. And there is no solution for jihadi terrorism and Islamic mayhem short of fundamental Islamic reformation or revision of the Koran. Whether America can survive as a free-democratic country depends on our citizens asking questions to the Islamic supremacists who want to construct a Mosque at GROUND ZERO.

· There are 56 nations that are members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, plus the Palestinian Authority. Is there any Islamic country where Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus can freely build their religious centers?

· Imams are busy issuing Fatwas against writers, journalists and cartoonists. Why there is no Fatwa issued against not just against “terrorism,” but specifically against Jihadi terrorism?

· Can America remain secular, democratic and pluralistic if Muslims become the majority?

· If Islam is peace, why are hostility, Jihad war, and violence taught at Madrasas? Why there is no peace for non-Muslims in any Islamic country?

· Islam believes in defeating Kafirs; can Muslims coexist with Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus?

· Riots not infrequently take place after the Friday prayers at the Mosques. Is this not because of the fiery sermons of the Imams based on the Koran?

· Islam has nothing in common with secularism, pluralism, democracy, tolerance and Human Rights. Why should we allow Muslims to construct Mosques in which they will preach hatred against infidels?

· Are you aware that Islam does not allow for our Constitution? Muslims want to bring the whole world under Islam – transforming the Dar ul Harb (House of War) to Dar ul Islam (House of Islam). Are you aware of this hidden agenda?

· Are you aware more than 98% of terrorists arrested around the world are Muslims? Why?

· Muslim students are taught from the beginning that Christians are rats, Jewish people are pigs and Hindus are kafirs. Infidels can never be friends of Muslims, and they are to be killed. Do you still think that genuine friendship is possible with devout Muslims?


What does building a huge Mosque at Ground Zero where more than 300 people were murdered by the Jihadi attack on 9/11 really mean? What is the significance of Muslims buying property at fraction of its real price in a commercial neighborhood where property values were destroyed by jihadi terrorism? Muslims are repeating Islamic history in America. First they bomb and destroy historical buildings: churches, temples and commercial buildings. Then they occupy the remaining buildings and construct Mosques. Islamic history is repeating in New York City.

The Jihadi terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9/11, the attack on the USS Cole, the destruction of the Marine Barracks in Beirut, the bombing of the American Embassy in Kenya, the beheading of Wall Street Journalist Daniel Pearl in Pakistan, the killing of schoolchildren in Israel, and the bombing in London, Mumbai, Rome, Madrid, Paris, as well as death and destruction caused by Islamic Jihadis in different parts of the world, are the continuation of Islamic brutality stretching back to the time when Mohamed led Muslims in the first Jihad.

The Islamic prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan clearly and loudly said: “The Mosques are our barracks, the Domes are helmets, the Minarets are Bayonets and the faithful are soldiers.” Erdogan’s vision of Islam is the same as that of Bin Laden, Colonel Khadafy, Mullah Omar, Imam Yavalaki, Al-Zawahiri, Ayatollah Khomeini, and the Saudi King who awarded Erdogan “The King Faisal International prize for service to Islam.”

The purpose of the construction of an Islamic barracks in the heart of America is to train jihadis, perhaps violent as well as non-violent, for the next phase of the Islamic invasion of America. For the Islamic Mosque will train Muslims in the way of Islam. Since the days of Mohamed, the way of Islam is jihad. Mosques will ensure that newly converted Muslims become reliable jihadis, advancing the rule of Islamic law by various means.

The issues at stake will certainly affect the heart of American freedom, democracy, cultural values and tolerance. America is a tolerant country that allows for the free worship of all its citizens. But our tolerance has limits. Do we have to tolerate the intolerant Islamic ideology, and Muslims who preach intolerant Islam and want to annihilate or subjugate all infidels?

Until we question our assumptions about Islam, Muslims trained in Mosques by hate-preaching Mullahs will attack us with a vengeance. Islam is a controlled paradigm, a 7th century Arabian political dogma paraded as a religion. Islam tolerates no dissent, will of the people, freedom, coexistence, pluralism, secularism or religious tolerance.

We should not abdicate our responsibility. We must take responsibility for naming the root cause of jihad terrorism. Otherwise, our distracters and soul-violating forces will operate and we will still feel the pain. It is for our own good that we should ask some questions. Muslims say that they want to construct a Mosque for our own good, but that is not their true objective, and we need to know this. Acknowledging pain and suffering inflicted on us by the Islamists is not defeat. Our freedom is not free. We must begin to defend it with an honest awareness of forces that make us unfree. The most healing thing that we can do is to come out of our ignorance and denial about the real nature of Islam. Learning the true nature of Islam, its past brutality and present terrorist and supremacist plans, will determine whether we survive as a democratic nation. Mosques are training grounds for Muslims. Given the Islamic training, we should not be surprised or shocked when jihadis behave exactly as they have been trained. Jihadist Muslims embrace what is in the Koran and hadith fully and live by it without hesitation. Mosques are not known to teach the concepts of freedom, justice, human rights, and peaceful coexistence.

Islam teaches that Jihad in the name of Allah would ensure every Muslim a secure place in the world and happiness and luxury in the Islamic abode where Allah resides. Islamic mosques and religious centers serve as distribution points for hate literature. American Mosques are not products of our thought system. Mosques are not for preaching spirituality, ethics, civics, and coexistence. Do we have to allow construction of mosques that are breeding grounds for future terrorists? Mosques also serve as a vital links in the communications chain with Islamic terrorist groups around the world. The hate preaching Imams are on a collision course with American democracy, positive values and secularism.

Jihadis consider America as a great Satan. For Muslims, Jihad means battle against Satan. Through the Mosque, Muslims want to continue jihad war against infidel America. America is a battleground where jihadis can fight against Satan and his friends. The mission of the Islamic community in America is to spread Islamic sharia law, making all infidels into dhimmis. Muslims consider that it is a Muslim’s duty to wage war against infidels. To die in the battle against infidels is the highest form of witness to Allah. Do we want to allow Muslims to create more suicide bombers and murders on our soil?