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What is CAIR hiding from the IRS?

Come clean, Honest Ibe!

“Top Muslim group withholds tax records from IRS: Terror-linked CAIR still delinquent in filing 2007 returns,” from WorldNetDaily, January 31 (thanks to Doug):

What is America’s most prominent Muslim advocacy group hiding?The Council on American-Islamic Relations is delinquent in filing its tax returns by nearly two years, the IRS has confirmed, raising new suspicions the embattled nonprofit group is concealing from the American public details about its already shadowy financial activities.

Washington-based CAIR, which receives revenue from Saudi Arabia and other Arab states, is required by federal law to file its tax returns annually with the IRS to maintain its tax-exempt status.

However, it still has not filed its 2007 returns, according to the IRS. Its 2008 tax filing is also late.

Registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, CAIR must make its finances public each year by filing IRS Form 990….

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