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Bloomberg appointee scrubbed terror-linked CAIR from resume

Posted on December 2, 2010 by creeping

Deception and Islamists at the city level, in NYC, via Bloomberg appointee scrubbed CAIR from resume.

A senior Council on American-Islamic Relations official appointed by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg bleached his CAIR experience from his resume, but his controversial past led to his dismissal as a panelist in next week’s New York debate on airport profiling broadcast by Bloomberg Television, WND has learned.

Omar T. Mohammedi, a commissioner with the New York City Commission on Human Rights was dumped from the debate featuring former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff after panelists raised concerns about his work for CAIR, which the federal government has named an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror-financing case in U.S. history.

Mohammedi omitted his CAIR background from his biographical sketch posted on the human-rights commission website. He served as president and general counsel of CAIR’s New York chapter.

Mohammedi also served as the lead attorney in a discrimination lawsuit CAIR financed against US Airways on behalf of the so-called Flying Imams. CAIR’s national office in Washington put Mohammedi in touch with the imams. Internal memos show Mohammedi participated in conference calls regarding the case with CAIR’s national director, Nihad Awad.

In a memo to CAIR executives, Mohammedi proposed launching a campaign to “discredit people” critical of the imams, such as Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y. “We should discuss the possibility of having a major campaign against Peter King,” he wrote.

Mohammedi’s close involvement with CAIR, which the FBI says is “a front group for Hamas,” is missing from his human-rights commission bio, which states that he is “an attorney who specializes in employment discrimination and corporate and real estate transactions.”

The FBI has severed ties with CAIR until it can demonstrate it is not a terror front.

Debra Burlingame, sister of the pilot killed in the hijacked 9/11 flight that hit the Pentagon, says it’s possible that Bloomberg was not aware of Mohammedi’s background when he named him to the commission.

Almost impossible to believe. He was APPOINTED to the New York City Commission on Human Rights for crying out loud. A thorough review of his background must have been completed, right? PS: He’s not the only ex-CAIR stealth Islamist on a so-called human rights commission in the U.S.

She also noted that the 1997 White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security, convened by President Clinton and presided over by Vice President Al Gore in the wake of the TWA Flight 800 explosion, appointed CAIR executive director Awad as an adviser on passenger screening.

“The panel’s recommendations essentially rendered any effective passenger screening impossible, and paved the way for 9-11,” Burlingame said. Subsequent federal court evidence revealed that Awad attended a meeting with Hamas leaders in a Philadelphia hotel in 1993.

Mohammedi was the lead attorney who argued the discrimination case against US Airways, the FBI and airport police on behalf of the six imams who claimed their rights were violated when they were kicked off a US Airways flight as a potential security threat. Passengers and crew said the imams behaved suspiciously, and the pilot called police to escort them off the plane. A Clinton-appointed federal judge forced a settlement in the case that allegedly favored the imams.

“It was clear that the entire incident was staged in order to bring the suit,” Burlingame said, “and CAIR was involved from minute one.”

Much more, read it all.

Surprisingly, neither WND nor Debra Burlingame mention Chertoff as an objectionable panelist. Chertoff consulted for the aptly named Rapiscan – maker of the body scanners in airports – while giving “dozens of media interviews touting the need for the federal government to buy more full-body scanners for airports.” Just saying.