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Al Qaeda Manual

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Al Qaeda Manual, Al-Qaida, Jihadi Groups

Introduction: The attached manual was located by the Manchester (England) Metropolitan Police during a search of an al Qaeda member’s home. The manual was found in a computer file described as “the military series” related to the “Declaration of Jihad.” The manual was translated into English and was introduced earlier this year at the embassy bombing trial in New York.

First Lesson — General Introduction
Second Lesson — Necessary Qualifications And Characteristics For The Organization’s Member
Third Lesson — Counterfeit Currency And Forged Documents
Fourth Lesson — Organization Military Bases “Apartments Places”-Hiding
Fifth Lesson — Means Of Communication And Transportation
Sixth Lesson —  Training
Seventh Lesson — Weapons:  Measures Related To Buying And Transporting Them
Eight Lesson — Member Safety
Ninth Lesson —  Security Plan
Eleventh Lesson — Espionage (1)  Information-Gathering Using Open Methods
Twelfth Lesson —  Espionage (2 )Information-Gathering Using Covert Methods
Eighteen Lesson — Prisons And Detention Centers