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Stealth jihadist at Obama’s DoJ, and the military voting debacle

Posted on December 2, 2010 by creeping

From Atlas Shrugs, Lema Bashir, Stealth Jihadist at Obama’s DoJ, Sabotaged/Disenfranchised the Military Vote?:

Lema Bashir was at the center of Virginia failing to mail military ballots in time in 2008.  The same mistakes repeated in 2010 and United States military voters were heavily disenfranchised in 2010 because of in-actions by Bashir and DOJ throughout 2010. Disenfranchising the military vote is policy. You could make a case that bad mistakes were made in 2008 but that when those same mistakes are made and made worse in 2010 by a devout Muslim who calls Israel “northern Palestine,” I submit that it is no accident but deliberate policy.

Bashir is featured in this White House produced video about all the muslims in the executive branch.  Another hard sell Obama production of those whose interests clearly diverge from proud Americans. Obama was promoting on the White House website at the same time as his crippling submission speech to the ummah in Cairo (June ’09) Notice in the video she refers to Israel as “North Palestine.” Her family comes from there and she is militantly opposed to Israel.

Of the many astounding things about this video, one is the fact that the White House allowed it to go out with the supercharged term “North Palestine.”  Of course another amazing thing is what is this person doing with such a prominent role in “defending” the voting rights and strength of military voters???  Keep in mind that all through 2010, the Voting Section at DOJ had a IRAQ Navy Vet (Lt. Commander Sabatino Leo) and they refused to allow him to work on military voting cases.  Holder was even asked about this omission by Senator Sessions in an oversight hearing.  How does one explain the totally lackadaisical approach to military voting rights in 2010?  Previous to her seditious career at the Department of Justice, Lema Bashir was a  legal adviser with the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) in Washington, D.C.

Coincidence, Lema Bashir is a Voting Section Attorney at the DOJ and …DOJ Fails to Protect Military Voting Rights PJM

In 2008, some 17,000 servicemen and servicewomen mailed home completed ballots that were never counted. The DOJ barely lifted a finger to prevent or prosecute this travesty.

In the 2008 presidential election, 17,000 soldiers, sailors, and Marines mailed home completed ballots that were never counted.

Usually these ballots didn’t get home in time, mostly because they weren’t sent overseas early enough. One cause of this catastrophe is the Keystone Cops routine the Department of Justice Voting Section uses to enforce federal laws protecting the rights of military voters. Unfortunately, all signs point to a comic sequel in the upcoming November elections.

Congress tried to fix the problem last year by mandating that all ballots must be sent overseas at least 45 days before the election. But Military Voter Protection Project Director M. Eric Eversole has accused Justice Department officials of encouraging states to seek an exemption to the law. The law indeed grants states the right to ask the Pentagon to opt out of the law. Even worse, Eversole says the Department is telegraphing to states that it doesn’t want to pursue litigation to enforce the law.


A document filed in the military voting case of McCain v. Cunningham makes plain the disinterested enforcement system at DOJ for military voters. In 2008, the McCain campaign learned that the Commonwealth of Virginia was sending ballots out far too late for them to ever be successfully returned before the election. The campaign responded by immediately commencing a lawsuit.

Think about that: the very day before a historic election, a presidential campaign — with the distracting whirlwind of activity and bustle — was able to do what the bureaucrats at DOJ are paid to do, and didn’t: figure out Virginia was breaking federal law and file a lawsuit.

An affidavit of Voting Section attorney Lema Bashir in the case tells you all you need to know about how ineffective the DOJ investigative methods are during election season. It can be read here.


“On September 30, 2008,” Bashir notes, “I spoke with Vickie Williams” at the Virginia State Board of Elections. Williams was in charge of monitoring the mailing of military ballots. You’ll note this conversation occurred only 35 days before the election.

Until Congress stepped in last year, the statute set no mailing deadline, and DOJ was only requiring ballots to be mailed 30 days in advance. The Military Postal Service Agency had recommended 60 days, but bureaucrats inside DOJ were stuck in their ways and refused to budge from the 30-day tradition despite calls from all quarters to do so. In a rebuke to the bureaucrats, the new law now requires 45 days.

And what was the extent of the DOJ’s efforts to figure out if the thousands of Virginians serving overseas had their ballots mailed in time? On September 30, “Ms. Williams assured me that all of Virginia’s localities had sent absentee ballots to all UOCAVA voters who had requested an absentee ballot up until that date. She told me that she would send a follow-up email to [the Pentagon] with the specific dates when each locality had mailed such ballots,” the affidavit states.

Ms. Williams assured that all was well. Except it wasn’t. Actually, many ballots in Virginia were mailed overseas just a couple of weeks before the election. There was no chance they would ever be returned in time to be counted.

On Halloween 2008, the DOJ learned they had gotten a trick courtesy of the Virginia State Board of Elections when Ms. Williams called back with some bad news. She told the DOJ that her system never really could “provide the information requested” such as “the specific dates when each locality in Virginia had mailed such ballots.” Nobody actually knew what was going on — not Virginia, and obviously not the Justice Department either. The election was just four days away and the witches brew of electoral catastrophe was boiling.

PJM author Adams, the whistle-blower in the New Black Panther – DOJ case, does not blame Bashir, rather he blames her superiors. Yet how can an attorney in that position allow such a disaster to reoccur on her watch? An activist lawyer who is dedicated to changing the status quo for Muslims in America surely would see the error of her superiors ways and given two years time, take steps to ensure American soldiers overseas, many in Muslim countries, would have their votes counted. Right?

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