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Devout Muslim Gang Plotted to kidnap British Soldier and ‘behead him like a pig’ “This atrocity would be filmed”

British al qaeda (you have to love that) threatened to kill a British soldier and targeted his family family after learning his sniper team had killed 32 Taliban.

They were going to behead a this hero and film it so they could masturbate to their jihad porn.

The question, of course, is why does Britian harbor, feed and clothe these flesh eating cancers?

Islamic extremist gang ‘plotted to kidnap British Muslim soldier and behead him like a pig’

Police investigating the threats were sent to his home fearing al-Qaeda sympathisers were on the verge of brutally attacking his relatives in twisted retaliation for his military service. (So why isn’t there a military unit being sent to his home?) “The family of this soldier were deliberately targeted. The threats came from a terrorist Muslim group based in Britain. “Disturbingly they had traced the soldier’s family home.

It is feared they planned to film the raid and post the footage on a jihad website. A senior security source told the Sunday Mirror: “The threat was credible and imminent.

Armed police were sent to his home after anti-terrorism officers uncovered the plot to murder his parents. The plans came to light when the security services monitored “chatter” – believed to be on mobile phones or the internet – between al-Qaeda extremists.

It is the second time a soldier or his loved ones are known to have been targeted in the UK by groups linked to al-Qaeda .The chilling threats came after the serviceman was praised in reports in the media for his skills during a tour in Afghanistan.

The soldier, in his 20s and from Scotland, is a “spotter” who has been working alongside a crack marksman in one of the Army’s highly-skilled two-man sniper teams. He and his colleague were hailed heroes for gunning down 32 Taliban fighters in Helmand Province.

There is now real concern over revealing the details of snipers. Their activities appear to incite more reaction among radicalised Muslims in Britain than regular soldiers. The revelation follows a plot by an al-Qaeda cell in Birmingham to kidnap a soldier and behead him on the internet in 2007. UK MIRROR

British Islamic terrorist gang ‘plotted to kidnap British Muslim soldier and behead him like a pig’

Terror plotters: Mohammed Irfan, Hamid Elasmar, Amjad Mahmood, Zahoor Iqbal, Parviz Khan and Basiru Gassama are alleged to be part of a Birmingham-based terrorist cell

Parviz Khan, 37, built up a terrorist cell in Birmingham and planned to kidnap the soldier before filming his “ghastly” death for release to the media. The attack was designed to cause “panic and fear” amongst the Army and the wider British public.”He decided to kidnap such a soldier with the help of drug dealers in Birmingham. ”The soldier would be approached in the Broad Street nightlife area, lured into a car and taken to a lock-up garage and murdered with his head cut off – “like a pig”.

“This atrocity would be filmed. They would have the soldier’s military card to prove who he was.”The court heard that the film would be released through Khan’s terrorist network to the Al Jazeera TV station. He told his henchmen: ” Blair’s going to go crazy.UK DAILY MAIL