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Great news: 6000 more Somalis coming to the U.S. in 2010!

Refugee Resettlement Watch ably sums up the problem with this below: “On top of that, in many cities around the world, the Somali diaspora is producing jihadist fighters.” Among those cities, of course, is Minneapolis. And despite all this, there is still no sign whatsoever that immigration officials are even interested in the jihadist sentiments of the people they are bringing in to the U.S., or that they are making any attempt (an attempt which would be imperfect at best in any case) to screen for them (which is not the same thing as screening for “Al-Qaeda connections,” which screening is supposedly going on).

“Are you sitting down! UN sending 6000 more Somalis to US this year,” from Refugee Resettlement Watch, January 26:

Can you believe it? We are in the worst recession since the Great Depression; refugee agencies are scrambling everywhere to take care of the refugees they have. Just yesterday the Department of State released the news that they are doubling the per head payment (from taxpayers) for each refugee entering the US.On top of that, in many cities around the world, the Somali diaspora is producing jihadist fighters. And, we are going to take 6000 Somalis from one refugee camp in Uganda? Hat tip: Janet.

Why this particular group? They aren’t getting along with others in the camp! But, don’t worry they are being screened for Al-Qaeda connections.

The story from New Vision a Uganda web publication is entitled, “USA takes in 6000 Somali from Uganda” is as follows:

THE American government is to resettle 5,800 refugees from Nakivale refugee camp in Isingiro district to the United States, Prosy Katura, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) protection officer, has revealed.Katura said a team has already been sent to Nakivale to scrutinise the refugees to ensure they have no links with al-Qaeda, an extremist group. The American taskforce at the camp will also study files of individual refugees since they arrived in Uganda.

During a meeting with the Germany ambassador to Uganda, Reinhard Buchholz, who visited the camp on Friday, Katura said the exercise under the “expedited Somali resettlement programme” should be completed by September. “We have so far scrutinised about 2,000 Somalis out of 5,800 who are living in Nakivale.”

Explaining the reason of resettling Somalis to the US, Katura said Somali refugees have failed to integrate with other refugee groups living in Nakivale and with the local communities because of their unique language and culture. [This is insane, they can’t get along with other African people but they are going to jump into the mythical American melting pot and come out as just good old regular Americans!]…

Insane indeed. Read it all.