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Jihad By Rape

Posted: February 5, 2010 in Jihad By Rape, Jihadi Events

Christian 12-year-old girl raped and killed by Muslim Attorney

Islamrape victim

Lahore: January 23, 2010. (Khalid Shahzad for PCP) Christian teenage Shazia daughter of Bashir Masih aged 12 years, resident of Islamia Park, Punch Road Aria Nagar, Samanabad, Lahore was found dead after rape by Muslim attorney Mohammad Naeem (more here)

The translation is awkward but I didn’t correct it, as it is authentic.

Pakistan: 12 years old Christian maid girl raped and killed by Muslim Attorney

The Christian girl Shazia was working as a Domestic Worker in AA 444 Defense Lahore with Muhammad Naeem Lawyer of Lahore High Court Lahore. He never paid a single penny to Shazia from last 8 months. On 21st of January 2010. Shazia’s Mother received a dead body of her younger girl 13 year and was shocked then she called some people from her neighbor and then they called mid Khalid Shahzad G Secretary Forum of Minorities.

According to our investigation that Shazia has rapped and torture by the Muhammad Naeem Lawyer Lahore High Court Lahore. He tried to hide this case and also pressurize to her father and media that I am a lawyer and will see who will highlight this issue because the court and the lawyer community is with me. Yesterday night he came with his relative from Pak Army when they come to know that the deal will be not successful then the Brigadier of the Pak Army left away. According to this case we come to know that the elite class and the influence people don’t care about the law and order and they can use the law as they want. Shazia was only the source of income of her family because her two elder sisters has been married and she was only the hope of her young brother Sunny aged 8 years.

According to the mother of victim Shazia and father “Lawyer Mohammad Naeem offered them Rs. 20000 deal to keep this issue under ground if they shout no body will listen and they will never get any thing. The deface Police were also not interested to registered FIR Against Mohammad Naeem.

Meanwhile according to Geo TV, The police have registered a case against a lawyer, Naeem Advocate, his wife, son and sister-in-law for the alleged murder of a 12-year-old maid Shazia. The family of deceased Shazia has accused Advocate Nadeem of torturing and rapping her to death and also trying to bribe 15,000 rupees to the family members to keep their mouths shut. According to the parents, accused Naeem told them that their daughter was admitted to hospital and when they arrived, their daughter was found dead.

They brought the body to their residence, from where police shifted the body to dead house for postmortem.

Defence Police said Shazia was badly tortured and admitted to Jinnah Hospital 3 days ago.