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Muslims Planned Riot Against Israeli Ambassador at Stanford University

UPDATE: I am thrilled to report  the Muslim inciters were not successful — here’s the windup from the California Review:

Speaking to a sold-out Price Center Theatre, the Ambassador discussed the importance of the US-Israel relationship and his own personal story. Tritons for Israel and Hillel of San Diego brought the Ambassador to UC San Diego after he chose to speak to both UC San Diego and UC Irvine.

After a brief welcome from the moderator, Dean Peter Cowhey, of the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacfic Studies, who set the guidelines for the event, Chancellor Mary Anne Fox graciously opened the lecture by thanking the Tritons for Israel for bringing the Ambassador to speak at UC San Diego.

Sam Spector, the Vice President of Off Campus Outreach for the Tritons for Israel introduced the Ambassador, later saying “It was an honor for us to host a policymaker as influential and a historian as celebrated as Michael Oren. The event could not have been more successful, the event was sold out, and students were respectful and were able to engage in dialogue with the Ambassador. It was a proud day for the pro-Israel movement at UCSD, and a proud day for our University.”

However, as the speech turned towards more controversial issues, such as the Israel-Palestine conflict, the Ambassador took several tough questions from students. However, despite the rude behavior of protestors at UC Irvine, several of whom may soon be facing expulsion and criminal charges, the protest of the Ambassador at UCSD was minor, with no disruptions occurring in the event. Lior Abramson, the Vice President of Culture of Tritons for Israel said “I thought it was really great that the school could allow so much free speech so people could voice their opinion on both sides”

“Allow so much free speech” – wow.


If you missed the vile display of ugly Jew hatred by muslims at UC Irvine last week, please go here. This is a sign of the rise of an Islamic Reich in America and across the world.

The Israeli ambassador spoke at Stanford. Yet again, the newly empowered jihad in America is galvanizing its soldiers of allah to silence the Jews and criminalize our very existence.

Our universities have gone from being centers of learning and the free exchange of ideas to indoctrination centers for the overthrow of democracy and the imposition of statism and collectivist rule.

UPDATE: I thought it was going to be tonight but it took place already — looking for reportage.

Here’s the Muslims’ call to antisemitism:


Anyone interested in covering / blogging about this, please do.

From: Fadi Quran <>
Date: Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 4:00 PM
Subject: [iraq_coalition] Protesting war criminal 6:15PM Encina Hall
To: SCAI Officers <>, cjme-admin <>, “msan-admin@lists.Stanford.EDU” <>, ISSU Discussion <>,

We will be protesting in front of Encina Hall beginning at 6:15PM today. The Israeli Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, is visiting campus.

Oren participated in the Gaza War, and has been given the duty of covering it up, attacking the Goldstone report, and improving Israel’s image in the US.

We need to show Mr. Oren that truth, crushed to earth, will rise again. We also must make sure that he understands that Stanford students do not accept war criminals.

Please bring signs that say Stanford Says NO to WAR CRIMINALS.

Best regards,


I hereby endorse Senatorial candidate Rabbi Nachum Shifren for the State Senate seat in California.

By Rabbi Nachum Shifren
February 13, 2010

Orange County, CA — Here is an “Alice in Wonderland” campus reality — in which the characters are deadly serious, and the suckers are us.Let’s be clear: these are not campus “rowdies,” or rude and disrespectful “students.” These “students” are the front line of an army of Muslims that is waiting patiently to take over and subvert our country.

Confrontation and disruption is their job. This is what they’ve been trained for, and they are right on target. As their numbers and influence grow, they will be attempting a political takeover, and if that doesn’t work, they will turn to further intimidation, murder and terrorism — just as they’ve already proved in dozens of countries around the world.

Here are eight Rules that guide muslim “students”:

Rule #1: East is East, and West is West, and the two worlds will forever remain divergent. Witness the throngs of thousands mourning the death of Saddam Hussein. Why? Why was the Muslim world remorseful about the demise of this butcher of at least one million of his own countrymen? Because for the Arab, he represented strength. No matter if he was feared and pushed Iraq 1,000 years into darkness. The rule that we in the West refuse to acknowledge is simply that to the muslim, whoever is perceived as strong, will be feared and will survive; and whoever is seen as weak, irresolute, or wavering, will be despised and will be vanquished.

When Muslim students at UC Irvine see their chancellor pleading, begging, supplicating for “dialog,” and “respect,” they are not only sickened by such weak-kneed exhibitions, they are emboldened to greater acts of anarchy and contempt for everything that we in the West hold dear.Rule #2: Muslims expect total control and iron discipline in their own countries. There are no “student unions.” There, the students would not dare raise their heads in disobedience, because they know what awaits them (no, you will not find an Islamic version of the ACLU). But they can get away with running amok here at UC Irvine, where we stupidly “accommodate” those who advocate our demise.

Rule #3: This will be a hard bullet for America to bite, but we are at war with Islam! Those who deny this are quislings or fifth-columnists — and very often, university professors and chancellors. With strong leadership, there would be no notions of “academic freedom” for those who come here to subvert and destroy

Unfortunately, the last California administrator with courage and real leadership abilities was S.I. Hayakawa. Hayakawa would have donned his tam o’shanter cap and confronted the student disrupters. Instead, at Irvine, the Muslim students will get a slap on the wrist and be released, emboldening them a thousand times more.

Make no mistake: these students are the probing squads that are testing the waters to see what they can get away with, positioning themselves to ultimately shut down the entire campus when they please. These are among the first salvos in a war that, until now, has been only academic and ideological — at least in this country.If you want to see where we are headed, if we don’t find the courage to stand up to and defeat these muslim terrorists-in-training, just look to France, Spain, England and other countries where muslims have been allowed to get a toe-hold. Or consider the carnage caused by just one insane muslim terrorist at Fort Hood, then multiply that many times over, as more muslim terrorists consolidate their power base in our country — and our state and their favorite breeding grounds, our campuses!
Rule #4: Jewish guilt uber alles. There is something sad, even sinister about a people that has suffered pogroms, inquisitions, crusades, and now jihad intifadas — and yet, tragically (psychotically?) refuses to understand that they are on the chopping block of these marauders and brigades from Hell.In every campus where there is a Muslim Student Union, there is a Jewish Student Union. When do we ever hear about “in your face” actions against Muslim perfidy on these campuses (mini war zones) by Jewish Students? Where are the rabbis, the Hillels, the Jewish communities raising their voices loudly and stridently against these invaders of the America that has let Jews find refuge and miraculous opportunity, in an otherwise ugly world? How can this lemming-like behavior be explained? Muslim students don’t bother explaining, they just exploit the intellectual dishonesty and cowardice of the Jewish community.

Rule #5: Where there is a vacuum, something will occupy it. Muslims judge that decadent America, so obsessed with excess and titillation, has run its course. And who can refute them? Corruption in our country is the order of the day! Teen drop-ous, gangs and crime, greed and political abandonment of our Constitutional principles all support the muslim’s view of our nation.

Without strength of character in our leaders, and the courage of our people, we are poised to become just another chapter in history — right next to the debauched and pillaged societies of Greece and Rome. The muslim onslaught is at the gates; they are weary of our self-indulgence and they abhor our eroding social mores and valueless culture. They are sharpening the long knives, knowing that their time will come shortly.
Rule #6: Jihadists and Muslim radicals cannot subvert our country by themselves. They need a willing entourage of leftist and communist sympathizers, fellow travelers, progressives and socialist utopians. As the Prophet so clearly stated: “From your haters and destroyers, they shall come forth.”

As school teachers, we witness our students being soft-balled the “religion of peace” so often, that to denounce it for the bloodthirsty, contentious plague that it is, is to be accused of “hate crimes.” So it is we, the teachers, who must bear the burden of dumbing down several generations of Americans, teaching “feel good” lessons, diluting the uniqueness of the American Revolution, diminishing the strength of character that built a strong, free nation, and the altar on which the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are sacrificed. No wonder teachers are so despised in nearly every school in the land!

And so, when the media and the rest of the sheeple gawk and are “shocked, simply shocked” over one of our students who is caught in Afghanistan fighting against our soldiers, who among us can still be shocked, let alone surprised? We have seen the enemy on our campuses and universities, and it is us! For if we educators, knowing what we do about the spread of Islam and the subjugation of peoples and continents under its yoke, the lack of freedom for women, the loss of freedom of speech and thought, and the murderous credo of the Koran, do not stand up for truth in teaching, what respect can we deserve? In our vanity, we think of ourselves as the elite of society, serving as mentors to succeeding generations of youth yearning for truth in knowledge — yet we have perverted the truth and accepted a revisionist treatment of the story of man, of the history of the world and of the greatness of the successful American experiment in liberty.

Should we be surprised at the disdain of our students, who know they are not being held to the high standards of their forebears? Shall we be surprised when the great body of Americans shun and punish us for being the primary tool of “progressives” that causes our once great land to fall into the abyss of socialism, and then tyranny — as has been the history of other great nations?

What to do? Is this dark drama irreversible on our campuses? No, not irreversible, but it will take a revolution in thought and action. It must start with we educators who see America as more than just a “job” and a cool vacation. It will take a daily struggle for truth — and the best place to start is with the dictum: those who wish respect, will do well to show self-respect. The Muslim riffraff did not badmouth and malign that which they feared and respected at UC Irvine!

Those who will incite and seek to undermine our institutions using our own openness and sense of fair play must be removed from our campuses and our soil. Until we have the courage to do that, we shall not be able to sustain a country where men of good will can dialogue and debate ideas for the good of society.