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Taqiya & Jihad: The Duality of Islamic Doctrine

Thursday, 13 May 2010 04:58 Brokaan
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Taqiya and Jihad are the two most important concepts of duality of Islamic Doctrines. For all unbelievers and kafirs, it is a must to understand the doctrines of Islam and the inconceivably horrible atrocities committed in its name.

[“Practice what you Preach” — anonymous]Taqiya and Jihad are the two most important concepts of duality of Islamic Doctrines. For all unbelievers and kafirs, it is a must to understand the doctrines of Islam and the inconceivably horrible atrocities committed in its name.

The concept of duality is foundationally important in fluttering the Flags of Islam. Islam has a dual code of ethics and logic… This is diametrically opposed to our unitary logic. In unitary logic, which is the logic of the West, in a scenario of a contradiction(s), only one side of the contradiction can be true, while the other is circular reasoning. So, in symbolic logical terms, one would say that ‘A’ and ‘NOT A’ are contradictory and both cannot be true; either ‘A’ is true or ‘NOT A’ is true; both cannot be true!

This is unitary logic…

Unitary logic is the foundation of the scientific method and rational thinking, not however the logic of political Islam. Islamic logic is dualistic. In symbolic logic, one would illustrate duality by saying that both ‘A’ and its opposite, ‘NOT A’, are both TRUE. This is impossible in a unitary logic of understanding of reality. It is also contrary to the fundamentals of reasoning and science at large!

For example, in Islam, adherents of the doctrine (those who submit to Allah and Mohammed) can say that Islam is a “religion of peace”, because, in their concepts of the term “peace”, insofar as it is laid out in the doctrine, Islam can be described as ‘a religion of peace’. What such an assertion neglects is that “peace” in the Islamic concept of the term can be arrived at ONLY through the nonexistence of the kafir or unbeliever. This means that Islam is at war with every nonbeliever everywhere on this planet forever until everyone is either dhimmi, believer, or annihilated. This means that the two statements—‘Islam is a religion of peace’ and ‘Islam is a religion of conquest, warfare, violence and intolerance’—are BOTH true in dualistic Islamic logic.

Islamic Jihad is the obligation of all adherents of the “religion of peace”. Islamic Jihad is the violent opposition to all those, who do not accept Allah and Muhammad as their sovereigns. The Koran explicitly calls upon Muslims to Jihad, i.e. to “fighting in Allah’s cause”. This phrase occurs over 150 times in the holy Koran. It is one of the central concepts of Islam. ‘Death’ in the Islamic Jihad is the ONLY promise of a direct route to paradise with all its promised virgins (plus rivers of wine and honey and young pearly boys etc.) in the doctrine.

When we see horrible atrocities committed in the name of Islam;

When we see jihadists quoting doctrines as they behead a kafir;

When we see churches burned in Muslim lands;

When we see Christians being driven out of those countries by the thousands;

When we see brutal tortures of gays in Baghdad;

When we see Muslims screaming and shouting for anything depicted or said or even stopped from building mosques or minarets;

This is all Islamic Jihad!

British-Muslims-ProtestIslamic Taqiya, or sacred deception, is often used to portray a false vision of what Islam truly is. It is always practiced in interfaith dialogue sessions, which are always the ‘Islamic Dawa’ sessions (conversion sessions) for Muslims. Taqiya allows Muslims to give a false perception of Islam to the kafir by not giving the full story and by withholding information, and by twisting the reality of Islam, so that the kafir is fooled. Muslim adherents are commanded by the Prophet of Islam and Allah to falsify the doctrines of Islam to the Kafir. When the kafir does not understand the reality of Islam, the kafir cannot mount a defense or respond to it. This is why conquered peoples, the dhimmis, are not allowed to study the Koran. The lies of taqiya, backed by the duality of Islamic logic, have the effect of paralyzing those, who should oppose Islam. Taqiya allows the adherent to say, essentially, anything they wish to a kafir on any subject(s). But most importantly, it teaches Muslims how to deceive the kafirs about the truth and the reality of Islam!

Islam’s in history and in purpose is founded on Jihad, the main goal of which is the destruction of kafirs (and their conversion/submissions to Islam). No treaty, no obligation, is binding to a Muslim adherent when it is made with a kafir. This is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad.

mushroom-cloud-over-IsraelIslamic Taqiya allows Muslim adherents to hide the facts, behind a peaceful façade, the reality of Islam that their intention is world conquest until the entire world is under Islam. You will never hear this truth of Islam from an adherent except from a Jihadist!

Jihadists know that Islam is on the rise and that the West is weak, etc. When they hold their signs in Europe that say, “Islam will dominate the World”, they are telling the truth of their true intention; when their signs say, “We love Hitler”, or “The Holocaust is coming Jews”, they believe in them. They know their doctrines and believe themselves to be ‘Good Muslims’.

When the doctrine of Islam is known and understood, it is clear that they (jihadists) are in fact good, observant Muslims–faithful to the doctrines and commands of Allah and Mohammed.

War, according to Muhammad, is total deceptions. (Jihad is war against the unbeliever.) Taqiya, because it allows the Muslim adherents to deceive the unbeliever(s), is a form of Islamic Jihad. The purpose of Jihad is to conquer and convert the kafirs everywhere until the entire world accepts Allah as the only god, and Islam as the only religion and political system, and Mohammed as his prophet.

Our western Judeo-Christian concepts of morality are diametrically opposed to Islamic doctrines. We reject the concept of dualistic logic and ethics; we believe in the idea of the family of humanity, while Islam believes in a family of Muslims alone! In Islam, there is the Ummah and there is the kafir. The kafir is outside the Ummah (the community of true believers anywhere in the world); therefore, the kafir is the enemy at large! The Islamic doctrines are very clear on these points.

There is no peace with kafirs in Islam. There is only a pause in battles (hudna) in unfavorable circumstances. There is no treaty of peace with kafirs that are of any worth in Islam. A ‘treaty’ is a tactical tool of war or jihad for eventual conquest; not a permanent tool of peace!

The idea of engaging with Islam in the Western rationalist unitary ways, in which the concepts of Right and Wrong are the foundations of the debate, is a major failure… There are no moral concepts in Islamic doctrines (in the way Westerners understand morality); there is only what is allowed by Allah and Muhammad, and what is forbidden. There is no morality associated in any way that we understand morality to be with these injunctions or commands. Essentially, in Islam, what is allowed is moral, and what is forbidden is immoral.

Islamic Taqiya (sacred deceptions of the unbeliever) is both allowed and commanded in Islam, and is therefore in the internal logic of Islamic doctrines of morals. Because, Allah and Muhammad command all Muslim adherents to be involved in Islamic Jihad, i.e., eternal battles against the kafir, it is considered a morally “absolute good” in Islam. Unfortunately for the nonbelievers, there are no taboos in Jihad. So, when you see jihadists killing, beheading, torturing, and doing all manner of cruelty to Christians, Jews, Hindus, or any nonbeliever (and simultaneously quoting doctrine), the jihadist firmly believes that he/she is a moral, upstanding and devout Muslim, surely on his way to Islamic Paradise.

According to doctrines of the Koran, the Sirat, and Hadiths, Muslim adherents are on the correct path. This path has an endpoint. Jihad ends only with our destruction.

Hijab is Freedom

Hijab-is-FreedomHijab is a symbol of the subjugation of women; it is not freedom but the opposite. This is Islamic “Taqiya” or duality.

Jews are unbelievers; Allah and Mohammed hate the Jews. It is written in the holy Koran. This is Islamic Jihad.

“Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends.” (Surah 5:51);

Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say.’O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.’” Bukhari  4: 52:177, 179-180.

Taqiya: Islam is a “religion of peace”.

Truth: It isn’t!

The great sin in Islam is not murder, but being an unbeliever, or leaving Islam: ‘Whoever changes his Islamic religion, kill him’ [Bukhari 9:57].