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Sasson, Jean P.   Princess:  True Story of Life Behind the Veil   (not a gushy princess story, so don’t think that. lol)
”            ”            Princess Sultanas Daughter           ( These are awesome books to begin with.  This princess sneaked stories out to the author about her life)
”            ”           Princess Sultanas Circle

Caner, Ergun & Emir   Unveiling Islam
Nemat, Marina    “Prisoner of Tehran”
Oufkir, Malika     “Stolen Lives” – not as much on the Islam subject but a very good read
Soud                  “Burned Alive:  A Survivor of Honor Killing Speaks Out”  (The author only says Soud because she is currently hiding out in the UK)
Muhsen, Zana     “Sold”  ( her own father “sold” her & her sister to marriage with a muslim)
Muhsen, Zana     “A Promise to Nadia”

There are more but these are the most interesting.

Are you familiar with Ayaan Hirsi Ali?  She speaks out agains Islam.  Have a new book on her but haven’t started it yet called “Nomad”.  You can google her name and find out about her.  Hope this was helpful.     Carol