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Islam claims to be a peaceful religion. Of course those who understand Islam realize that the peace it claims as its own is only toward those in the House of Islam and does not include those in the House of War.  This article provides a lot of evidence that Mohammed, the Companions and the angels of Allah are jihadists. In fact, the article, correctly, claims that Mohammed waged jihad more than any other Islamic leader.  As you read the article pay close attention to the author’s definition of jihad!


“The Prophet Who Waged Jihad” (literal translation:”The Author of Jihad, Peace Be Upon Him”).

By “Saadi (Maybe a pen name)

The Last and Most Beloved Prophet of Allah, Muhammad, is a Jihadist Prophet – He Waged More Jihad Than Any Other

“The last and most beloved prophet of Allah, Muhammad (peace be upon him), is [sic][2] a ‘jihadist prophet.’ Among the prophets of Allah, Muhammad (peace be upon him) waged more jihad than any other.

“The following are some of the pious names of the holy prophet collected by Makhdoom Syed Muhammad Hashim Thathavee, the renowned interpreter of Hadith and religious scholar of Pakistan’s Sindh province:

“1) Zul Jihad peace be upon him (the Jihadist Prophet)[3]

“2) Sahib-ul-Jihad peace be upon him (the Prophet of Jihad)

“3) Al-Mujahid peace be upon him (the Mujahid Prophet)

“4) Al-Qitaal peace be upon him (the Brave Fighter Prophet)

“5) Al-Maqatil fi Sabilillah peace be upon him (the Prophet Who Fought in the Way of Allah)

“Think a little: When our Prophet himself is a ‘jihadist,’ how can being a ‘jihadist’ be a crime for a Muslim? Today, many journalists, male and female, present the word ‘jihadist’ as a crime and verbal abuse. But who do they seek to abuse? Jihad is a sacred duty of Islam, and anyone who denies this duty is a kafir (infidel) like anyone who rejects the practices of prayer and fasting. Being a ‘jihadist’ is a great honor for a Muslim, an extremely great honor.”

The Companions of the Prophet Were Excellent Jihadists

“The companions of the prophet of Allah were excellent jihadists, of a high rank. The Holy Koran taught them that jihad is an act much loved by Allah. Then jihad became a much-loved act for them. The examples of jihad carried out by the Companions of the Prophet cannot be found among the followers of the previous prophets; nor can anyone ever wage jihad like them. The Companions of the Prophet took an oath to fight until their last breath. The verse below, which is attributed to them, is confirmed and famous.

“[Writes in Arabic:] ‘We have taken an oath before the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, to fight until the last breath.’

“The [four] Rightly Guided Caliphs[4] enjoy the highest degree of respect among the Companions of the Prophet. All four were jihadists. Those fought the Battle of Badar enjoy a special honor; those present at Hudaibiya [Pact] also enjoy special respect and they were ‘jihadist.’ The emigrants [who migrated along with Prophet Muhammad to Medina] have a special place; similarly, the Ansar [who helped the emigrants] also occupy a special place. They were all jihadists. All the family members of the prophet also enjoy a high honor. They were all jihadists. The wives of the prophet also took part in jihad while Fatima [daughter of Muhammad] also washed the wounds of the prophet in the Battle of Uhud.

“Then why do Pakistani journalists in the BBC present the word ‘jihadist’ as a crime and as verbal abuse? Have they lost their senses or they speak from the minds of the infidels and mirzais [Ahmadi Muslims]?

“The Angels Are Jihadist”

The Holy Koran Says: Allah Sent Angels for the Support of Muslims in Jihad

“The Holy Koran says: Allah sent angels for the support of Muslims in jihad. It is mentioned several times in the Holy Koran. It is also been mentioned that Allah taught the angels how to fight. The names of several angels are also mentioned in several credible Hadiths, especially the names of the angels Gabriel and Mikhail. So, it has also been proven in the Koran and Hadiths that the angels are also jihadists. Do innocent angels commit a crime? No. Then why is being a ‘jihadist’ a crime in the eyes of the Muslims?

“Some madrassas clarify that they do not impart jihadist education. So, God forbid, have they begun teaching the [Bhagavad-] Gita [Hindu holy book] instead of the Koran? What kind of fear is this that removes one from the foundations of Islam? And what kind of pragmatism is this that alters the shape of the religion?

“Jihad is present in the Holy Koran and no one can deny this; and the Koran is taught in the religious madrassas, so the education of jihad must also be given [in these seminaries]. The use of the sword and the stick is also taught at the Darul Uloom Deoband [the Indian seminary from which Deobandi Islam emanated]. What is wrong in it? Being a jihadist is an honor for a Muslim, and being deprived of jihad is a mischief and nuisance.

“The Prophets of Allah Were Jihadists”

It Is Clearly Mentioned in… The Koran: Many Prophets and Those Prophets’ Companions Who Owed Allegiance to Allah Went to the [Battle of] Qitaal, in the Path of Allah

“It is clearly mentioned in the fourth part of the Koran: Many prophets and those prophets’ companions who owed allegiance to Allah went to the [Battle of] Qitaal, in the path of Allah. It is clear that the prophets of Allah were also jihadists.

“The jihad waged by the Prophet Dawood [David the King of Israel] is also mentioned in the Holy Koran. The discussion of jihadist preparation by the Prophet Sulaiman [Solomon] is in the Holy Koran. The invitation to jihad by the Prophet Moses is in the Holy Koran. So the work [of jihad] that the prophets did would be a pious and loved act.

“Thus, the true Muslim loves ‘jihad,’ and the one who is as close to infidels evades ‘jihad’ to the same extent. This sign of faith and of unbelief is taught by the Holy Koran. The ‘journalists’ of today indulge in spying, [saying] that Mr. So and So is ‘jihadist,’ arrest him, and Mr. So and So is ‘jihadist,’ kill him. These people should be concerned about their faith; they have declared a duty to Allah to be a crime and sin – which in itself is a great cruelty.

“We Don’t Deserve [To Be Called Jihadist]”

A Few Have Come Forward for Jihad in the Present Time – Which Is a Great Blessing and Mercy On Them From Allah

“Today, I was studying a book about who among the elders after the Companions of the Prophet were jihadists. Among the Fuqha [interpreters of Islamic jurisprudence] were the names of Ibrahim Nakhaee and Abdullah bin Mubarak; among the Sufis [mystics], the names of Hatam Asim, Ibrahim Odham and Shafiq Balkhi were also written among the ‘jihadists’… They all loved jihad very much despite the fact that caliphs of their time had discharged this duty by sending jihadist militia, reserving eminent scholars to serve the cause of religion [by teaching]. However, these scholars were attracted to jihad because when the prophet of Allah is jihadist, his Ummah [community of followers] is also a jihadist Ummah…”

“It cannot be possible that an Ummah whose prophet stood in the battlefield to suffer wounds cannot understand the meaning of jihad. Yes, if you need to save your life, and your heart is full of fear, you can see neither [the meanings of] the Koran nor the personality of the Prophet.

“A few have come forward for jihad in the present time, which is a great blessing and mercy on them from Allah. Although these few have not yet discharged the duty of jihad, their frightened enemies have testified that they are all ‘jihadists.’ It gives us pleasure when the enemies of the [Islamic] faith abuse us as ‘jihadists.’

“A few days ago, I saw Sulman Rushdie speaking against us on the Internet. Before him, [George] Bush, Tony [Blair] and [Pervez] Musharraf spoke – spoke and fell silent. It is the blessing of Allah the Almighty that He put such strength, dignity and benediction into this small act [of jihad].

“In reality, the meaning of the word ‘jihadist’ is of great significance. We do not consider ourselves deserving [to be called jihadist]. Now, if the enemies have testified that we are jihadists,’ then we are thankful to Allah…

“Life, Not Death”

To Be a Jihadist Means to Attain Eternal and Marvelous Life

“When the Lifafa [bribed] journalists of Pakistan call someone ‘jihadist,’ their objective is that their father, America, should kill that person soon. If they want to get someone killed or captured, they are publicized as ‘jihadist.’ To them, being a ‘jihadist’ means inviting one’s own death. Thus, those who fear death clarify, ‘We are not jihadists.’ However, to be a jihadist means to attain eternal and marvelous life – and Allah the Almighty has promised this life for jihadists who fight in His way.

“So, o Muslims, if you want life, become jihadists; spare a few days for studying a book called Fazail-e-Jihad; you will know the secret and technique of attaining life. Were a doctor or Hakeem [indigenous medical practitioner] to announce that he has medicines that will increase life for five years, everyone would flock to him. But no one can prolong life, not even by a minute.

“Jihad contains only life, and no death. To know the secret of life, start studying Fazail-e-Jihad today, and read 50 or 100 pages daily. You will feel a wonderful change – and you will not feel that being a jihadist is an abuse, but that it is a medal, the greatest medal.”


[1] Haftroza Al-Qalam, Pakistan, Vol. 5, Issue No. 230, January 8-14, 2010. The main subheads are in the original.

[2] In Islamic thought, Prophet Muhammad ‘is’ – not ‘was’ as if to denote a past prophet.

[3] These meanings in brackets of the Arabic names are as given in the original text

[4] The rightly guided caliphs are the four caliphs of Islam: Abu Bakr, Umar ibn al-Khattab, Usman ibn Affan and Ali ibn Abi Talib.