Biden: We are Not Enemies of Islam

Posted: January 16, 2011 in Biden Declares We Are Not Enemies of Islam, Joe Biden, Politicians and Islam

Biden: “We are not the enemies of the Islam…”

Posted on January 12, 2011 by creeping


via Biden reasures Pakistan in speech as bomb kills 18 –

Biden sought to counter anti-U.S. conspiracy theories and ideas commonly heard in Pakistan, saying Washington has not imposed its anti-terror war on Pakistan, does not favor archrival India, does not want to break up the country and is not at war with Islam.

We are not the enemies of the Islam and we embrace those who practice that great religion in our country,” he said.

Washington has committed to giving Pakistan $7.5 billion in aid in the coming years to improve the lives of ordinary Pakistanis, stabilize the country and show its military and civilian leaders that the U.S. is a long-term friend.

…according to “the Islam,” non-Muslims (and many Muslims) are the enemy, and no amount of American money is going to change that.

Hours later, a suicide car bomber killed 18 at a police station.

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