Islamophobia? Where?

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Homeland Terror Alerts, Islamophobia Less Than AntiSemitism

Jihadi groups like  CAIR live and love to whine about how non-Muslims are attacking poor Muslims. But the stats don’t lie. Islamophobia is less than anti-Jew hatred in America.

  1. says:

    The Counterterrorism Blog that Al-Qaida Hates…

    Al-Ekhlaas, one of al-Qaida’s central messaging forums on the Internet, in an English article entitled, “Watching and Monitoring the Jihad Media Watchers”, states that al-Qaida Officially Hates this Counterterrorism Blog. As a terrorist watcher, you…

  2. The Counterterrorism Blog that Al-Qaida Hates…

    Author : Counterterrorism FoundationBinding : Kindle EditionFormat : Blog SubscriptionLabel : Counterterrorism FoundationManufacturer : Counterterrorism FoundationPublicationDate : 2010-11-30Publisher : Counterterrorism FoundationReleaseDate : 2010-11-…

  3. Where'sAmerica? says:

    I’ve read some from people that are more knowledgeable than I in how the muslims tick and it seems this is their MO; play the victim.
    Even in the ground zero mosque they’re playing the victim; oh we won’t give them their freedom of religion to place a mosque where ever they want. wah, call the waahhhhhmbulance. I’m so over it. I refuse to be a doormat for these people to wipe their feet on. This is my country. If they don’t like it, leave.

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