Saif Al-Adel Focuses On West

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Homeland Terror Alerts, Saif Al-Adel Focuses On West

Osama bin Laden reportedly has a new terrorist assigned to targeting the West. Saif Al-Adel, a native of Egypt, is Al Qaeda’s new chief of international operations, Britain’s The Telegraph reported, citing unnamed U.S. and Pakistani sources.

But sources tell Fox News that investigators cannot agree on whether Al-Adel has taken on one of Al Qaeda’s top operational positions, partly because there is disagreement over whether Al-Adel is still hiding in Iran. The respected NEFA foundation, which tracks terrorists worldwide, cites a European intelligence source who says Al-Adel is believed to be in Waziristan, part of the tribal areas of Pakistan.

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  1. Where'sAmerica? says:

    I thought I was slipping. I read this and the name didn’t sound familiar at all. So if this guy is the new guy in charge I suppose it would explain the sudden rash of activity on the planes. I was going to ask you about that; is there more bomb attempts or is it that the media is just reporting more diligently? or maybe a combination? And does anyone really think they’ll hit again via planes? Do they lack such intelligence that they can’t come up with a new tactic? I mean if they aren’t that would help us in the fight against them, but somewhere among them must be a brain.

    • Bo Perrin says:

      I am not sure whether the bomb activity on the planes is due to Saif per se because the Yemeni Al-Qaeda group claimed responsibility which means Awlaki. But if Saif is above Awlaki then maybe. I actually believe that terror incidents are on the rise corporately. Will they hit planes again. Yes. The Christmas bomber, the Shoe bomber and the toner bombs. Not to mentioned that just today it was reported there was a bomb found on a German plane. Yes, they will because despite the stupid so-called precautions which the US has and is installing has not yet stopped Jihadists from getting on board like the Christmas bomber. In addition, if the public outcry becomes as great as I think it will against TSA’s invasive techniques this might open up more opportunities. It is not a matter of intelligence but honor. I believe terror groups’ tactics especially Al-Qaeda are morphing. The evidence is that Al-Qaeda is talking about taking hostages. You don’t take hostages to kill them necessarily but often times to exchange them in a-sort-of-prisoner exchange. Believe me there are many brains among them in fact, I would say that terror groups today have more brains among them than we do in our present (although changing) political system. Think of it this way. We have raised the bar and offered them a dare. They are taking the dare and they can because they death is more important than life. Does this make any sense? Thanks

  2. Where'sAmerica? says:

    Yes, it absolutely makes sense. I have to agree that our current government are a bunch of idiots and hopefully we can change things before danger strikes. THOUGH, if it doesn’t, it will certainly be the proverbial rope we need to hang them all that are no longer putting our safety ahead of their agenda(s).
    I figured all the plane bombs were minor distractions and that they had something else in mind to catch us off guard.
    Yes, I also agree with the hostage situations. Generally they take hostages to trade for prisoners they want freed. (bargaining chips so to speak) I wonder if their hit list includes a list of hostages or if it’ll be random?

    • Bo Perrin says:

      Well, I am glad that I can make sense at least some times. 🙂 As for the plane bombs, I do not believe they were a distraction because too much PETN and energy went into the plot. I believe the bombs were designed to explode. There are a number of possible reasons why they did not. In fact, if I remember one bomb had 17 minutes to go when it was disarmed. Nevertheless, while I believe they were not a distraction I do believe the plot was to test airport security. As for hostages, usually terrorists whether domestic, international or transnational, secular or religious usually choose hostages that are considered to have the value to be worth a trade. I do not believe that the normal everyday person, like us, has the value necessary to be used as a trade for a high profile Jihadist. About the only thing that might add value to the normal everyday person is the number of people who have become hostages. If so, then the list would not be random but very specific. If I remember French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife, Carla Buni, believes she is on an Al-Qaeda hit list maybe for hostage taking. That’s high profile.

  3. Where'sAmerica? says:

    I remember hearing about the 17 minutes remaining on one of the bombs. Was it the first one found? I can see French prezi’s wife being on a hostage list.
    Nice to know I wouldn’t be important enough for such lists 😉 but I have relatives in higher places.
    Now my next thought for group hostages, (high numbers vs. the importance of hostage) is, where would they gain such a large number. Trains have been done, planes are obvious, but they need to stop sending the bombs if they want the hostages, ha ha, but where else? Buildings. Government bldgs?
    Then another thought is if gov. bldgs, then where are there already high numbers of muslims that can overtake such buildings for hostage situations?

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