Yemen Cracking Down On Al Qaeda

Posted: November 7, 2010 in Homeland Terror Alerts, Yemen Cracking Down On Al Qaeda

A Yemeni judge ordered police Saturday to find a radical U.S.-born cleric “dead or alive” after the Al Qaeda-linked preacher failed to appear at his trial for his role in the killing of foreigners.

Yemen is under heavy U.S. pressure to crack down on the country’s Al Qaeda offshoot after a scheme to send bombs through the mail in packages addressed to the U.S. was thwarted a week ago. The group known as Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula claimed responsibility for the plot on Friday.

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  1. Where'sAmerica? says:

    It would save the US a ton of money just to kill him. I’m actually surprised the CIA was given orders dead or alive. The US also needs to put an end to anchor babies of all ethnicities.
    Not sure if you’ve seen this site:

    Wanted to share.

    • Bo Perrin says:

      I appreciate the share! Yes, I think we may becoming more humanitarian that we need to be with terrorists. Forget the alive just the body will do. I know someone will question my statement but frankly, these people do not deserve the privilege of living after all the people they have hurt or killed. In addition, I am tired of paying taxes to support someone like this for the rest of their life. RANT!

  2. Where'sAmerica? says:

    The ignorant will flame, I’ve no doubt.
    It’s not hard to find the truth, but sometimes it’s hard to see it!
    And the truth is, these terrorist will not hesitate to kill the ignorant supporters and I refuse to be in that category.
    My son worked at GTMO and like you, I refuse to pay for these terrorists to eat better than the poor free citizens of America. The priorities are completely out of whack.

    • Bo Perrin says:

      Gitmo? What is his perspective about working there? I agree also that if I am going to go down I will go down knowing what I face.

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