Mexican Drug Cartels In US

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Homeland Terror Alerts, Mexican Drug Cartels In US

From The Washington Post – When a major Mexican drug cartel opened a branch office here on the California side of the border, U.S. authorities tapped into their cellphones – then listened, watched and waited.

Their surveillance effort captured more than 50,000 calls over six months, conversations that reached deep into Mexico and helped build a sprawling case against 43 suspects – including Mexican police and top officials – allegedly linked to a savage trafficking ring known as the Fernando Sanchez Organization.

According to the wiretaps and confidential informants, the suspects plotted kidnappings and killings and hired American teenage girls, with nicknames like Dopey, to smuggle quarter-pound loads of methamphetamine across the border for $100 a trip. To send a message to a rival, they dumped a disemboweled dog in his mother’s front yard.

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  1. Where'sAmerica? says:

    I’m so amazed at how many people are ignorant to this activity. It’s so much worse than what is in the news. I posted a picture on FB of the trash and the blood bath remains of some murders and someone from another state was clueless that the illegal situation was THIS bad. yeah, it’s that bad. And not just Arizona needs to get some cojones, but the rest of the border states as well.

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