Gen. Boykin and Fort Hood

Posted: March 2, 2010 in Fort Hood, Gen Boykin and Fort Hood, The Fight Against Jihad

One of the questions that continues to surround the Fort Hood shooting rampage is why the U.S. Army didn’t recognize the potential risk of leaving Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan in his position before it was too late.

CBN News put that question to retired Army three-star Gen. Jerry Boykin, who said the answer is simple.

“Nobody wanted to deal with the fact that this guy was a terrorist,” Boykin said. “His behavior and his rhetoric were both indications that he was subscribing to a Jihadist ideology and nobody wanted to deal with that issue. He was a terrorist. That was a terrorist act.”

Boykin said the Fort Hood massacre was the worst act of terrorism on U.S. soil since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

“The mere fact that this guy was counseling and dealing with our soldiers who have been through the war in Iraq and Afghanistan is atrocious,” he added. “It was a leadership failure and it’s the fact that the leadership did not want to deal with his Islamic theology; the fact that he was a Muslim is why no one would deal with this guy.”

Gen. Boykin spoke from personal experience after spending 36 years in the military.

He was one of the original members of the Army’s elite Delta Force and commanded the unit during the Battle of Mogadishu, which was depicted in the movie “Blackhawk Down.”

He is also a Christian who spoke openly in uniform about his faith and his Christian world view.

The secular media’s coverage of his speeches stirred up a controversy that brought an end to his career.  But the double-standard is not lost on Boykin.

“I think everybody in America realizes that the persecution of Christians is acceptable in our society today by both the leadership and the media, but no one wants to offend a Muslim,” said Boykin. ” The fact of the matter is that this guy was an extremist.”

“He was a terrorist and somebody needs to stand up and not only deal with these kind of issues in our society as well as our military,” he added. “But they need to deal with the fact that we are infiltrated from within by people who want to destroy the Constitution of our nation and replace it with Sharia Law and we can’t appease these people. We must deal with the issue and it starts with calling it what it is. . .Terrorism.”

Gen. Boykin doesn’t pull any punches.

He said the Army needs to start dealing with the problem before another tragedy happens.

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