It is not my fault!

Posted: March 1, 2010 in Jihadi Personalities, Mansor Asad, Not My Fault!

Muslim who was pulled off plane for (allegedly) shouting about killing Jews: I never said that, and my accusers are paranoid

If only there were a Family Circus-style drawing from little Billy, because here’s what really happened: “He insists it was a misunderstanding over a conversation while he was speaking Spanish and English with a fellow passenger who was Italian.”

Never mind that initial reports stated that “witnesses told investigators that Asad yelled anti-Semitic references,” and “charged officers while he was in custody, using racial slurs and threats while he chanted, leading police to use a Taser to subdue him.”

“Toledo man put on no-fly list speaks with 13abc,” by Christine Long for WTVG, February 23:

TOLEDO, OH (WTVG) — He made headlines around the nation for allegedly yelling he wanted to “kill all the Jews” on a Miami plane bound for Detriot. Last night the Toledo man talked to 13abc’s Christine Long.

Mansor Asad, 43, says he wants to tell the community he is not a terrorist and he is grateful to be free. At his Toledo home, Asad is spending quality time with his new baby Camilla since he was locked up for two-thirds of her young life.

The father of five arrived home this weekend. The appliance store co-owner had to rent a car and drive back from Miami because, as a part of his plea deal, he is on the government’s no-fly list.

“I took a plea of convenience to come home to Toledo to be where people know me, to my community where I was born and raised and where they know I’m not a racist.”

Asad pleaded guilty on charges of criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. He says he made the decision after being in jail for six weeks, just to get back home to his family.

This all began when he was arrested on a plane last month as he was trying to return from a vacation in Miami. However, Asad denies ever making a slur against Jews.

“I never once said I want to kill the Jews. I never once got in an argument, never once did I disrespect anyone on that plane.”

He insists it was a misunderstanding over a conversation while he was speaking Spanish and English with a fellow passenger who was Italian.

“I understand what happened. I understand people’s paranoia,” says Asad. “I’m proud, still to this day, I’m proud to be an American.”

But he’s not sure he’ll ever enter an airport again.

Not only is Asad on the no-fly list for the next three years. He will also have to serve probation in Toledo and pay $27,000 in restitution to Delta Airlines.

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