Somali Taliban Envoy is CAIR Official

Posted: February 12, 2010 in CAIR, Jihadi Groups

Somali Taliban’s new envoy to U.S. is HuffPo columnist, CAIR official

Abukar Arman is the new special envoy to the U.S. for the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) that leads the Somali Unity government and presided over bloody Sharia rule in Somalia in 2006.

Leftist/Jihadist Alliance Alert: Abukar Arman is also a columnist for the Huffington Post. There he has said of the Rifqa Bary case: “It should surprise no one that this case has attracted the ‘who-is-who’ among the usual suspects — the founder of paranoia fueling website JihadWatch, Robert Spencer.”

Jihad Watch: Accused by the Taliban of fueling paranoia! Bumper stickers should be issued!

Arman has previously numbered me among people he dubbed “provocateurs,” but I think he gives me way too much credit. After all, as far as provocations go, I got nothing on the African Taliban! For other interesting sidelights on Arman, see here and here.

Also, Abukar Arman was (and may still be) the head of the Columbus, Ohio, office of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). You know, CAIR, that moderate civil rights organization so beloved of the mainstream media and all too many government and law enforcement officials.

Revealing — yet again — of what CAIR really is, and what it is doing in the U.S.

Many thanks to Rusty over at the Jawa Report for the tip.


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