Muslim Hitler

Posted: February 1, 2010 in Facism, Jihadi History, Muslim Hitler

“Arabs, rise as one man and fight for your sacred rights. Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history, and religion. This saves your honor. God is with you. ” — Hajj Amin al Husseini on German Nazi radio. [1]

“Germany stands for an uncompromising struggle against the Jews. It is self-evident that the struggle against the Jewish national homeland in Palestine forms part of this struggle, since such a national homeland would be nothing other than a political base for the destructive influence of Jewish interests. Germany also knows that the claim that Jewry plays the role of an economic pioneer in Palestine is a lie. Only the Arabs work there, not the Jews. Germany is determined to call on the European nations one by one to solve the Jewish problem and, at the proper moment, to address the same appeal to non-European peoples.”Adolf Hitler to Haj Amin Al-Husseini, mufti of Jerusalem, November 28, 19411

The more I research the role of Islam in the Holocaust in pursuit of the truth behind the mysterious origins of the Auschwitz blueprints, the more convinced I am that the Mufti was the owner of the original Auschwitz blueprints, signed by Himmler and found in “an undisclosed” apartment in the very area the slaughtering Mufti resided in during his partying years in Berlin 1941- 1945. He insisted upon and received “a Jewish house” in which to live (I wouldn’t want to live in a jihadi’s house, would you?) . He was granted this request and lived in a grand style in Berlin. He took tea regularly with Himmler and directed orders that resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths of Jews, most particularly Jewish children.

Head of Nazi SS troops Heinrich Himmler stated to Chief of Nazi propaganda Josef Goebbels:

“ [I] have nothing against Islam because it educates the men in this division for me and promises them heaven if they fight and are killed in action.  A very practical and attractive religion for soldiers.” [xxxiv]

Heinrich Himmler, Head of SS, and close colleague of Amin Al-Husseini, financed and established Islamic Institute (‘Islamische Zentralinstitut’) in Dresden under the Mufti.  The purpose was to create a generation of Islamic leaders that would continue to use Islam as a carrier for Nazi ideology into the 21st century. [xxxv]

It was not that he got with the Nazi program, it’s that he preceded it. He mentored it. His role is irrefutable, as documented in thousands of pages of documents released after the war. What is galling and repugnant is that Mufti Amin Al Husseini’s face is not an icon of evil, as is that of Hitler or Mussolini. Why did he escape prosecution? Why were his sins washed clean? Why did the State Department refuse to release the White Paper on the Mufti? Why weren’t we taught this in school? Why wasn’t the tie-in made to Black September, the Beirut bombing, the WTC bombing of ’93 and the September 11th attack on America?

Why is the location of the rare discovery of the Himmler-signed Auschwitz blueprints being kept secret?  Germany does not hide information like this after WWII. Why hide it now? If the location were revealed to incriminate the Grand Mufti, it would be the only reason to keep this location secret. There is no other reason. My source has worked with several people in Germany over the last few months, trying to get the ‘location’ of this remodeled apartment…..with no success.

An anonymous source tells me that with all of the ‘slight’ tid-bits of information, it points to a possible location where the Grand Mufti lived during WWII. If it were the residence of the Grand Mufti, this would confirm all the testimony and witness accounts that the architect of the Final Solution, as was testified in the Nuremberg Trials, was the Grand Mufti. He had experience. He had practiced this genocide in, first, the Armenian genocide — the systematic genocide of the Armenian population under the Islamic Ottoman Empire during and just after World War I.  The use of massacres and deportations involving forced marches under conditions designed to lead to the death of the deportees led to a total number of Armenian deaths of  one-and-a-half million (other ethnic groups who suffered the same fate included Assyrians and Greeks.)

And then in the terrible slaughter of Jews in the Arab/Muslim Riots of 1920 and the 1941  pro-nazi coup in Baghdad, Iraq, Kharaillah Tulfah was his right-hand man. Tulfah is Saddam Hussein’s mentor and uncle. Germany sent weapons and aircraft to Husseini.

It was Mufti Al-Husseini who implemented that gross restoration of the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem [vii]. He had the Dome gold-plated for the first time, imposing the false narrative on Jewish Jerusalem by creating more importance for a bogus Holy Muslim site in the eyes of the Arab World.

Here at Tell the Children the Truth: (hat tip Choi)

“Amin Al-Husseini swears allegiance to the Ottoman Empire  during the Armenian genocide [i] . [ii] He is an officer stationed in Smyrna and participates first-hand in the Armenian genocide. One and a half million Christians are slaughtered under the sword of Islamic Jihad by the Ottoman Army.  Allegiance to Ottoman Empire and Islamic world take-over will be echoed by Osama Bin Laden in his post-September 11 declaration”
“ODESSA network [xlv] .  Egypt, home of Muslim Brotherhood, and Syria incorporate thousands of Nazi experts into Egyptian and Syrian [xlvi] army, government and propaganda service. Vatican heavily involved in providing travel visas for Nazi officers.

Amin Al-Husseini is directly implicated in providing safe haven to ex-Nazis in Arab lands. He is the main connection with Francois Genoud, Swiss banker of Third Reich, who finances the ODESSA network with money stolen from European Jews”

This from World Politics Review (hat tip Armaros)

But in fact the full record of the available evidence, including both German and Arabic sources, leaves no room for doubt anymore. Indeed, the Grand Mufti’s own words provide the most compelling proof. Memoirs of the Grand Mufti, edited by Abd al-Karim al-Umar, were published in Damascus in 1999. (See cover photo below.) In the memoirs, al-Husaini openly discusses his close relationship to SS chief Heinrich Himmler.

According to his account, he often met Himmler for tea and during these meetings the Nazi leader confided some of the secrets of the German Reich to him. Thus, for example, in the middle of 1943, Himmler is supposed to have told him that German nuclear research had made great progress: In three years,Germany could have an atomic weapon that would guarantee its “ultimate victory.” As Rainer Karlsch’s recent book on “Hitler’s Bomb” has shown, this assessment was not far off. Himmler presumably confided this information to the Grand Mufti on July 4, 1943. That is the date on a photo of the two men with a signed dedication from Himmler: “to his Eminence the Grand Mufti — a Memento”  (below)

Mufti himmler

In the memoirs, the Grand Mufti also describes what Himmler said to him in that summer of 1943 about the persecution of the Jews. Following some tirades on “Jewish war guilt,” Himmler told him that “up to now we have liquidated [abadna] around three million of them” (p. 126 — see Arabic excerpt below).

There is evidence, moreover, that the Grand Mufti knew about the Nazis’ plans still earlier. In 1946, Dieter Wisliceny, a close collaborator of Adolf Eichmann in the “Jewish Affairs” division of the Reich Central Security Office, provided a written statement on the Grand Mufti to the Nuremberg Tribunal.

According to Wisliceny, at the beginning of 1942 Eichmann made a detailed presentation to al-Husaini on the “solution of the European Jewish question.” The presentation took place in Eichmann’s “map room” in Berlin: “where he had collected statistical graphics on the Jewish population in the various European countries.” The Grand Mufti, Wisliceny recalls, was “very impressed.” Furthermore, al-Husaini is supposed to have put in a request to Himmler to have Eichmann send one of his assistants to Jerusalem after Germany had won the war. The representative of Eichmann was to serve as the Grand Mufti’s personal advisor: i.e. when the Grand Mufti would then set about “solving the Jewish question in the Middle East.”

We can infer from other documentation that this was not just a vague idea. A declassified document on Nazi war crimes from the National Archives in Washington indicates that as of mid-1942 a special SS commando unit had plans to liquidate the Jews of Cairo following the capture of the city by German forces. (See detail below.) Gen. Erwin Rommel was supposedly disgusted by the proposition. The head of the SS unit, Walter Rauff, had earlier been involved in developing vans that served as mobile gas chambers. It should be noted that he was a German and not a Pole, as suggested in the U.S. government document.
In his memoirs, however, the Grand Mufti feigns astonishment at Himmler’s remark. On his account, Himmler asked him how he would solve the problem of the Jews in his country. Amin al-Husaini says that he answered that they should go back to where they came from. To which Himmler is supposed then to have replied: “Come back to Germany — we will never allow them to do that.” But the Grand Mufti is here white-washing his own role in history. After all, in Berlin on November 2, 1943, he publicly declared that Muslims should follow the example of the Germans, who had found a “definitive solution to the Jewish problem.”

Wolfgang G. Schwanitz is a historian of the Middle East and German Middle East policy. He is the author of four books and the editor of ten others, including “Germany and the Middle East, 1871-1945.” He grew up in Cairo and Berlin, and he teaches at Rider University in New Jersey. The above article had been adapted from a longer article that appeared on the German website Kritiknetz. The full German version is available on Kritiknetz here. The English translation is by John Rosenthal.

And what of Hitler’s affection for the brutality of Islam and the genocidal Muhammad? Zion truth explains here:

Muhammad `Inayat Allah Khan [also called al-Mashriqi] was a Muslim theologian born in Punjab in 1888. Yet he was not an Indian nationalist. He wanted a Muslim state for the Indian Muslims, separate from India. In another words, he was an exponent of the Pakistan idea, which Walter Wallbank describes in his A Shorter History of India and Pakistan.

Khan spent time in Europe, including Berlin, where he met the Fuehrer in the early years of his leadership of the National Socialist [Nazi] Party. Their meeting took place in 1926 in the National Library. Here is the gist of Khan’s report on his relationship with Hitler.

“I was astounded when he [Hitler] told me that he knew about my Tazkirah. The news flabbergasted me. . . I found him very congenial and piercing. He discussed Islamic Jihad with me in details. In 1930 I sent him my Isharat concerning the Khaksar movement with a picture of a spade-bearer Khaksar at the end of that book. In 1933 he started his Spade Movement.” [pp 11-12; see source data below]

So, Hitler started his own Spade Movement. In other words, Hitler copied something that Khan was doing. More importantly, Hitler was interested in Islamic Jihad. That means, that Hitler, who worshipped war, was interested in how the Jihad concept could help him conduct fanatic, perpetual war by means of his own people.

The Khaksar movement was similar to the Nazi SA, the brownshirts, in its “first stage,” while Germany was still “demilitarized.” Khan considered Hitler’s Mein Kampf a “masterpiece.” Members of Khaksar wore brown uniforms and carried a spade, “symbolizing both labor and a readiness to fight.”

Islamic Jihad, that Hitler was so interested in, is defined by Jacques Ellul, one of the most eminent French sociologists:

But a major, two-fold fact transforms the jihad into something quite different from traditional wars, waged for ambition and self-interest, with limited objectives, where the “normal” situation is peace between peoples; [where] war in itself . . . must end in a return to peace. This two-fold [distinguishing] factor [of jihad] is first the religious nature, then the fact that war has become an institution (and no longer an “event”). . . This war is a religious duty. . .
In Islam . . . [in contrast with other religions], jihad is a religious obligation.
. . . jihad is not a “spiritual war” but a real military war of conquest. . .
. . . the second important specific characteristic is that the jihad is an institution and not an event, that is to say it is part of the normal functioning of the Muslim world.
[Jacques Ellul, in his Foreword to Bat Yeor, The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam: From Jihad to Dhimmitude (Madison, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press, 1996), pp 18-19].

The German blog, Politically Incorrect,  is all over this Atlas story. It’s in English and German.

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